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Fan Makes Custom Tech N9ne Bong

Published: November 10, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

“THC…I love you very much.” – Tech N9ne, “T9X”

Fans of Tech have many artistic ways to show their appreciation: drawings, collages, homemade videos, but Jarrod Hill’s custom-blown Tech N9ne bong is certainly a standout. The glass bong features Tech’s name boldly sprawled in red alongside Strange Music’s Snake and Bat logo. Hill also shared with us a story about the resilient bong versus a 6.5 earthquake:

“I had this bong custom blown at the Still head shop in Eureka a couple years ago. Then we had a big 6.5 earthquake back in January and it broke in two pieces. Lucklly it was a clean brake and I was able to put it back together. I guess when your strange like my favorite rapper you can take a little more and still hold together. Strange Music bong we hitzin’ it!”

  • Tmoore70

    shitty bong, get some hand blown glass nigga.

  • Get blowed.

  • Hahahaha shit! Not that I’m that much into doing drugs and ppl doing it no more, but this shits cool

  • Big City

    yeah its definitely not hand blown thats a production piece for sure

  • Nate W.

    How high are you? That piece is clearly blown glass, and it states that right in the blog. Maybe you don’t understand the point of a blog is to read it and reply, not just look at pictures, and spill stupid word vomit.

  • Jealousy is dumb.

  • Brokendown1990

    You say “Im not THAT MUCH in to doing drugs” but you in to it! LOL
    Ecstasy, I love you very much! ;]

  • oneroach

    Fuck haters, that shit’s sicc


  • Anything_inc

    Jellisickle! That is Awesome!

  • damn son gotta get a brand of that shit pattoned for yourself and get me one of them fuckers=]

  • Gogordyman

    Bad ass Bong Man, You Should make a line of Tech N9ne Bongs, with his permission of course!!!

  • juggalo

    that shit is fresh whooooop whooooooooooop

  • Guest

    you guys are seriously fukin RETARDED if you cant tell if a peiceis hand blown or production by looking at it. i know first glance HAND MADE fer sure no fukin doubt learn your shit

  • in tha beginnin god said gimme a lite.

  • Prezley

    Bet it hits hard and fucks you up quick like Tech does

  • Look @ the logo, the bat is missing i’ts head, that unique-ness is the best part of the piece to me, and I’m a chronic pot smoker… haha, maybe Ozzy helped create the piece 🙂

  • Dabiscuits

    dude thats sicc, the still is a sweet headshop in eureka. haha next time im at the coast ima come search for the strange music bong! haha but seriously thats legit.

  • Strangemusic187

    make a bunch and sell em cuz im down to buy!!


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