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Our Dirty Secret [Editorial]

Published: November 17, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

Browsing through the Tech N9ne forums and social sites, an individual may become confused as to what they see. Disagreements and outright fighting seem to be common all over the Tech N9ne world. The words are beginning to grow into their own entity. Fans are in a state of chaos amongst themselves and it all appears to be over Tech N9ne’s growing popularity. With Tech N9ne’s planned collaborations with Lil Wayne and DJ Whoo Kid, it’s hard to argue that he isn’t a hot commodity. Tech’s popularity is expanding, now more than ever. The rapper has always had one goal: infection. He wants the world to enjoy his music, and mainstream or not, he wants success. With that in mind, how is it that the fans don’t share the same enthusiasm?

Tech N9ne is known for having a very loyal fan base. Most rappers would think it was bizarre the way people react to his music. Strange Music shows are full of the most unique and interesting people I have ever seen. One visit to therealtechn9ne.com and you can see what this music means to them. These fans discuss everything from Tech’s next album to his family life. Nothing is really off limits to them. They feel a real connection to not just the music but the man himself. Many of the fans pride themselves in Tech’s independent hustle. The fact that he is unknown to a large portion of the population is like a badge they proudly wear. They can walk around and say, “This is MY favorite rapper.” This is where things get a little tricky.

We all like the fact that Tech N9ne is not as big as Jay-Z or Kanye West. It is not because we don’t want him to succeed, but many of us still feel “special.” You know, the kind of special you feel when you have something no one else does. It’s like when you were younger and you had a toy that no one else had: you felt special because you had this thing that everyone thought was cool but no one else had yet. Then once everyone got in on the action, it just wasn’t as special anymore and your connection to it didn’t mean as much as it used to. That’s what I believe Tech N9ne fans are feeling right now. Some are very happy to see Tech N9ne succeed and want him to continue to prosper. Even so, they feel a little disheartened at the thought of EVERYONE all of a sudden jumping on the Tech N9ne wagon. Other fans have been much more vocal. These are the fans who feel outright betrayed by Tech’s sudden popularity, so much so that they have turned it into hatred for the Lil Wayne collaboration.

Tech N9ne himself has addressed the situation time after time. I suppose that when you have your fans so close to you, eventually you will hear everything. I can’t imagine what it must be like for Tech N9ne when he has to read things like, “Tech and Strange are playing us for fools, and we are falling for it”. It is absolutely no wonder that once in a while, he will respond to these fans himself.

There is a reason why we all listen to Tech N9ne: the man has undeniable, raw, precise talent. None of his fans argue that point. There is also an experience that goes along with Tech N9ne’s music. The experience of being able to introduce more and more people to his music. We are all accustomed to the majority of people not knowing who he is. The fun in that, is that we can pull out our Tech N9ne cds and help spread awareness. It is like pulling out our very special toy and showing it off to our friends. We can show it off, borrow it out, but at the end of the day, it still remains ours. So, in the face of the mainstream, many of us feel like our special connection to Tech N9ne will be lost. We feel like if he starts doing songs with Lil Wayne, that might lead to a song with Kanye West. Once he works with Kanye, he might work with someone like Lady Gaga. Deeper and deeper into the world of popular music. Then, our independent, underground rapper won’t be ours anymore.

I think, some fans need to let go of their selfish needs. There is no “underground” or “mainstream,” there is only music. That is what Tech N9ne is trying to convey to all of his fans. It does not matter where you place him in the spectrum of popularity, he will always be the same Tech N9ne. The music will not change, and neither will his devotion to his fans. Instead of attacking his decisions and feeling like he’s leaving people behind, why not celebrate all of his success? Be proud that you were there first, but also be proud to bring more people into all of this. I think it’s time we shared our little secret with the world.

  • Tech you still my favorite man as long as you stay true to you that’s all that matters K.C.F. Over & Out http://www.reverbnation.com/koolaidmuzic

  • Honestly, Tech N9ne can succeed all he wants, but the fact is that his followers/people who like his music when he first started will always have that special feeling. I liked Tech since his first album. Stay strong Tech, with you all the way!

  • Honestly, Tech N9ne can succeed all he wants, but the fact is that his followers/people who like his music when he first started will always have that special feeling. I liked Tech since his first album. Stay strong Tech, with you all the way!

  • hooligan

    Its not that we think we’ll lose our special toy. Forr me personally, its what he talks about. I dont want to hear him spew that same garbage thats on the radio. I want his raw life that he continues to deliver. I believe Tech N9ne is the best rapper ever and everyone should listen to him because he’s got something for everyone, literally. I don’t want to hear empty words, I want to hear heart and soul on a track. He’ll make what he wants regaredless, but I’m just throwing in my two cents.

  • I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s a pleasure for me to be able to introduce Tech’s music to people and I really feel that everyone needs a little more Tech N9ne in their mix.. Regardless of how much they’re already listening to. Personally, I’m exuberant about the collab with Wayne. Not only will it take Tech to people that otherwise may have never found him, I’m sure it will bring out the best in both of them and neither is going to sit back and be shown up. Tech N9ne’s my favorite rapper but, I think Wayne is a genius and he’s great at what he does. I’m glad to see that he’s not sleepin’ on us, anymore, too.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sammyboi44 listen to my song reality it talks about the whole mainstream thing with tech n9ne. I just hate how people will just like it coz its lil wayne new song but fuck yeah lets have tech n9ne take over the radio and mtv !

  • I think people need to stop being selfish too. If something makes you happy then you should want the world to feel that way. I want Tech to do him. No matter what he makes it’s hot and if you don’t like it…well…stop acting like cd’s are for one time usage and put what you like in. It is a blessing for Tech and Strange to be getting the recognition they deserve. These hatin’ ass fans are phony as shit. I bet all of them at some point have complained about Tech not being as big as he deserves. Now that it is happening they act like he is wrong for doing what he set out to do. They were warned!!!! They didn’t believe it!!! Go ahead Tech and work with whoever you want to. Make that money!!!!! Your music has spoken for itself and it will keep on talking!!!!!!

  • Tech N9ne, your the best underground rapper out there you bring all the pieces to the table! I believe that when u do a collaboration with anyone from three 6 Mofia to insane clown posse from underground to mainstream you bring the best out of who ever your rockin the mic w/ your the greatest i cant say much more. I hope you reach your goals, sky’s the limit, reach! -Clown Royal, Missoula MT

  • Howardj_021986

    What up Tech. This is my first time ever commenting on one of your Post/Blogs. All i wan’t to say is Keep doing you. Because, I can tell you right now; If i was in your shoes I’m collaborating with everyone. You worked to hard from the ground up to have people that don’t really know you like that, criticize you. Keep the Strange Music Team going. My motto is GO HARD or GO HOME! The industry should be privileged to have someone like you, because you will change hip hop.

  • As long as he doesn’t dumb down his music, I will listen to him if he does a song with Barney. Hahaha! I like tech because of his unique, intricate style. The only person I know who comes close is Eminem. Eminem and Tech N9ne would be fire by the way. Hoping for that shit on “I am Hip-Hop!”

  • LLcoolRay

    As I have been sayin (well I stole it from Tech but still) Tech isn’t going mainstream, mainstream is going Tech.
    He isn’t asking to work with Lil Wayne, Wayne is asking to work with him (and now Travis Barker which I am fucking stoked about). But here is my thing, I want Tech to be the most famous rapper in the world, I want him to succeed and be a billionaire; but the only reason I don’t want him working with Wayne is that Wayne is WEAK. His songs are lame, overplayed and he has no flow and cannot rhyme. But if Wayne can step it up, stop bein a fake bitch, and spit some real game then sick (he already got more of my respect when I heard Tech talk about his meeting with Wayne in prison). No matter what I will always be a Techn9cian because as crazy as it sounds and as many people don’t understand, Tech’s music seriously speaks to me and some of his darker shit, like KOD, makes me feel understood, it’s the kinda shit that he raps about that you can’t talk to anybody about because it is your thoughts and its way too real.
    That’s why, “he my favorite rapper, real talk, Tech N9ne”

  • Jen 6688846993

    Tech fans ARE unique. We aren’t flighty and hope on the latest bandwagon…we support Tech and trust his talent, ability and choices. There is no need to fight…Tech will do what he wants and collabo with whoever he wants and its our job to support him in any venture! Maybe it won’t be your personal fave album or song…but MAYBE it WILL! Either way, it doesn’t make it a bad venture….Tech continues to AMAZE us over and over again…Support him and let him know we stand behind him, with him and give him the love we always have! He gives us music from his heart and soul and you see it at EVERY SHOW….he does this FOR his fans….he does this FOR US….Give him the same respect!

    Tech….WE LOVE YOU! WE SUPPORT YOU! 6688846993~! We ARE your people!

  • Getsumhatchetinyalife

    on the legit tech, i have always, do now, and most likely will forever think your the hardest, rawest, and most talented music artist this world will see. whether your mainstream or underground. no one could touch ur shit brotha. not biggie, not 2pac, not jay-z and not lil wayne, van halen, metallica, queen, nobody. personally, id like to see u do a collabo with serj tankian from system of a down, he is solo now n shit. for real tho, even if you did do pop culture stuff for the masses, one thing will never change. Aaron Yates the sound lyrics and raw emotion u mix into ur material says one thing: ENTERTAINMENT. if all the fans u have today desert you n u start doin shit wit justin timberfake, imma still have props for you my boy. TeChhh N9neeee

  • Getsumhatchetinyalife

    on the legit tech, i have always, do now, and most likely will forever think your the hardest, rawest, and most talented music artist this world will see. whether your mainstream or underground. no one could touch ur shit brotha. not biggie, not 2pac, not jay-z and not lil wayne, van halen, metallica, queen, nobody. personally, id like to see u do a collabo with serj tankian from system of a down, he is solo now n shit. for real tho, even if you did do pop culture stuff for the masses, one thing will never change. Aaron Yates the sound lyrics and raw emotion u mix into ur material says one thing: ENTERTAINMENT. if all the fans u have today desert you n u start doin shit wit justin timberfake, imma still have props for you my boy. TeChhh N9neeee

  • Jen 6688846993

    side note….here’s a thought…How did you hear about TECH N9NE? Some fan told you to listen to some great shit right? So what is SO wrong with getting TECH N9NE’s name out there to the masses? I’ve been to a Lil Wayne show….and I’ve been to tons of Tech Shows….HOW AWESOME would it be if TECH was playing the huge venues like that? To be able to see the growth and explosion of TECH N9NE fans?…underground or not…to have such a HUGE fans base that would require Tech to play Stadiums and Arenas, and to able to feel that by sharing his music and supporting his collabos…that you played a part in adding to the TECH FAMILY!….

  • don’t hate tech becuase hes finally getting the fame he deserves hes not gonna change, as much as i love the dark pain filled side of tech just becuase the way he expresses it through his music WHY THE FUCK could anyone blame him for wanting to be happy and not have to make these songs? i mean fuck everyone deserves to live care free why not tech? tech has my upmost respect and will continue to be my favorite rapper as he has been for years becuase theres no one else like him. tech spits about his life and thats what makes him unique dont hate tech for comming up love him for it god damnit

  • Majin_enx

    I honestly think that Tech N9ne knows for a fact that he’s better than most rappers *cough* Lil Wayne *cough*, but when presented with an opportunity like a Lil Wayne collabo, might as well kiss some ass and spew bullshit. One collabo with Lil Wayne and the world will know who Tech N9ne is..

  • Damonkeyhga

    im psyched for tech, i listened to bad season today n its pretty good, i heard bun b n travis barker want him to do a verse on their collabo cd, weezy wants to do a collabo wit tech, n hes got his mixtape wit whoo kid, tha man is in demand, he always delivers, i havent really ever heard him spit a wack verse, n yes i do feel special wit my strange music on my ipod, everybodys bumpin lil wayne b.o.b n wiz khalifa n im rockin tech n9ne n krizz kaliko, hes definatli the most busy mc in the game, n i reali cant wait for all 6`s n 7`s to drop, keep doin wat your doing tech, mainstream or underground keep it Strange!

  • I Agree lets spread this dirty little secret!!! Do you know how many people i have said “listen to tech n9ne” to??? A lot. So now that everyone who doesnt know who he is, is about to know who he is! Let it happen and Party Hardy!

  • This was a pretty accurate post I wish I could some home talk to tech cause all that is true, but its also true that fame changes people and usually for the worse, no fan of tech wants to see him change, he spits real shit that is genuine and thats very hard too come by.

  • PsychoB9tch

    Man I agree!! I feel like that I talk shit to my friends to this day telling em they dnt knw shit about Tech when I hear them bumping his shit but I’ll always love him n when mainstream goes Tech I’ll still be here I’m happy for him I just want him to continue to make beautiful music Love U Tech!!!!

  • Fuzzys420

    2nd that. Let Tech have success in everything. If we are such loyal fans, we would want the best for him, whatever he thinks that may be. He hasn’t let us down yet. Don’t hold back something great rather, feel blest yourself for ever being in his presence. Take heart Tech, good always overcomes.

  • harls

    that nigga tech got this shit in tha bag i mean look at waynes beats and let tech freestyle on some of that shit man the nigga will get down trust man he got this yall just neeed to sit back let the dude do his thing and ENJOY THE FUCKING MUSIC PLEASE!!!!!!!! dont hate tech n9ne

  • Rilo2009

    The problem is not that tech n9ne is selling out, it is that all these people who have already sold out are trying to get with him because their originality is far depleted. I don’t see them leeching off Tech’s success to be anything but detrimental to t9.

  • KJ Murr

    I’ve been a huge Tech fan since Absolute Power dropped. He has been blowing my mind for years now. He can team up with whomever he wants and I know it’ll rock. Dude could collaborate with anyone and make it hot. Some people just need to grow up and congradulate Tech on his success. If y’all love him so much, rejoice when he progresses! This is what its about man! A song no one hears is worthless. Tech oughta be the bar, baby. If you can’t even come close to touching what Tech is, you fail!nothing but love, N9na! Do what you do best, brother, and let the scabs do what they do best – dry up and fall off!

  • i Wish Nothin’ But The Best For @TechN9ne, They Always Say, Hardwork & Dedication Pays Off, Well We’re Seein’ That Right Now, Mainstream is Going Tech, And That Has Been Him And Travis’s Plan From The Get-Go, Don’t Be A Tech-Hater/Be A Congradulator, More Mainstream Artist Need To Listen To Songs Like “Message To The Black Man” Cause We Just Can’t Abandon Tech Like That, He Breathes The Same Air That We Do…

    1Luv From:
    Ur Original [Sin-StAtE TechN9cian] @BooGiEMuNStaH
    Dedicated! TechFan4Life
    + http://www.therealtechn9ne.com/profile/midwestBOOGIEmunstah
    + http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sin-StAtE-Techn9cians/152590128105066

  • Aaron Ross

    Very true man, very true. People who are turning on Tech now aren’t really Tech fans.

  • You can’t call yourself a Stranger or a Technician and then go talk shit about Tech. WTF?! If it wasnt for him all you motherfuckers wouldn’t have SHIT to listen to!

  • Spread the <3 🙂

  • Dick Smith

    Do what you feel is right Tech
    Your the genius behind it all anyways
    As long as your team and fam are happy with you then fuck the haters

  • Felipe012992

    Em and tech wouldn’t be able to do a track together…..your speakers would blow up on the first word, they both spit fire, and are the best in the rap game now, and will be seen as influences, just like biggie and tupac

  • Vancouver BC

    You walk upto someone whos a jay-z /kanye fan and they gone tell you they’re down with the artist. Run into a tech fan and they will express to you not only a love for the music but for the consistency and quiality of the music. You could buy a tech album off the shelf and have not heard one track and be completely satisfied. “Do you believe in KOD yes When you see them nod…” most loyal fans. All hail the neen.

  • I personally wanna see a Tech N9ne and Asher Roth collabo!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets make that collabo happen!!!! Personally I dont care who the hell Tech does a song with, I’ll rock his music all day everyday(currently listening to The Beast) Tech N9ne is a gift from god to the rap game. Who are fans to be pissed or feel “betrayed” by how much he has succeeded. Tech N9ne will always be as the author of this said “our secret” why not let people know. I tell everyone about Tech N9ne hell I’ve done slide shows in school about how good his music is. So let’s Tech be Tech, I WILL STAND BY TECH N9NE TILL I’M DEAD!!!!!!! NO MATTER WHAT

  • That makes a lot of sense. I get that same feeling sometimes of, damn, I know the best rapper alive and nobody knows it! The first time I heard Tech I’d say to people, Tech N9ne’s fuckin’ raw. Everyone’s response was Tech who??? Yet I’d never let something as dumb as that get me to want Tech to be unsuccessful, but can see where fans are coming from…In a way it’s our fault anyways because most of us hear the Ninna & automatically wanna tell EVERYONE they know about the best kept secret in the rap universe. I take every chance I get still to this day to spread the word about Tech. & I don’t believe we can say Tech N9ne’s music won’t ever change cuz yes it has, but in my personal opinion, for the better. While I still do love all his albums, I listen to past music & I’m truly blown away how he’s progressed as an artist. The evolution of this guys music is phenomenal, he truly is the alucard of the rap game and he’s only one of very few artists that are thriving in the economy downfall. I also believe some fans were hurt when The Gates Mixed Plate didn’t have any personal tracks. I don’t feel that people were mad with the fact that Tech was trying to come out of his hole (even though they say that’s their reasoning). I believe that it is the audacity of some fans, but I feel some were more upset that he didn’t let us into his life more. Although I truly enjoyed TGMP, I did wish their was more personal songs, whether happy or sad. Even “Need More Angels” is one of my favorite tracks because it was personal, had nothing to do with the darkness because it was a very uplifting song, in a way all his songs are personal but certain tracks are personal in a different kind of way that others enjoy I guess. So that’s just my belief that a lot of us enjoy the personal tracks because Tech’s life helps us maybe to cope with our own or to reflect on our own lives. But like Tech, some of us enjoy to party, socialize, have sex and make paper, and that’s why we love him, he touches every aspect of life itself and it makes our soul feel good…Pretty corny shit but 100 % truth through my eyes.

  • Johnbuonopane

    they hav a song together its called anthem

  • ah man they just had to say tech and gaga together. thats seriously my dream collaboration

  • I am for real getting tired of people putting you down for the direction you are heading. Anyone who wants to keep talking shit about what you with your talent can fuck off it is your life. Nobody likes to be told that they are “fucking up”. Anyone who knows anything about music and has true respect with give artist props for coming up. Just because maybe you do not agree with the person, you have to respect the talent. I true fan and going t back up their artist to matter what. I have been listening to your music since I was in middle school and I am 23 now and I do not plan on stopping. So all the people talking shit about what your plans are can go on somewhere else with their bullshit. Every cd you put out you make people feel what you feel, not that many people’s music and give you Goosebumps like yours does. Therefore, fuckem Tech you are doing you and that is all that matters. Nothing but love for you!

  • Tim

    Tech N9ne’s ever-growing popularity has amazed me over the years. Ive seen him collab with many artists, some i liked and some not so much. That would never stop me from listening to Tech. I am extremely proud to see the man who wrote “Slacker” and “FTI” is now finally heading into the industry himself. Dont be afraid of Tech’s collabs with other artists, embrace it. Because believe it or not, he is going to change the world of rap. I have faith that etch will stay with his ways, let him do what he does. He is obviously succeeding. Just do me a favor Tech, Please come back to Austin Texas!


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