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Tech Talks Kanye West [Social]

Published: November 24, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

The always controversial Kanye West released his critically acclaimed album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, earlier this week. With the hip hop world raving about the album, Tech N9ne decided to take his opinion to Twitter. Over his official Twitter page, Tech had this to say about Kanye’s album:

Just bought KANYE I’m just on number 6 and I Fuckin love that nigga mane!

I’m listening for the 3rd time. That brotha is in his own league!

I gotta tell my fam thru REGIME MIKE DEAN to hook me with KANYE!

Tech’s fans flooded his official Facebook with their two cents:

Hmmm…thinking maybe i need to listen to kanyes new album n see what all this fuss is about…..maybe i was wrong to not like him, i mean, personally i think it would be a honor for kanye to work with tech.=]

hellz yah man luv it

Kanye is ridiculously talented, as is tech. Real recognizes real

Could Tech N9ne be after a Kanye West collaboration? Leave your thoughts below.

  • I must lsten to knaye’s new album if it’s really as good as Tech says

  • Dick

    Tech your the man so do your thing homie
    If your on a track then I’m jammin to it
    However Kanye is a dumbass even if his music is good he’s full of himself and fake

  • Anonymous

    I think 808’s & Heartbreak is by far my favorite of his albums. Quite a bit of autotune but he uses it well, not like fakers like Kesha.

    Anyway, Tech made me listen to the album a second time now. Maybe it just needs to grow on me a little.

    Tech and Kanye on a track would be a killer. Maybe one day!

  • Autumn

    on the right beat it sounds good to me!

  • Gott_joey

    it would be dope…jus make shure his verses r as fuckin twizted as ur homie…keep it thugin tech WOOP WOOP

  • I haven’t enjoyed a Kanye album since Graduation but a Tech & Kanye track could be sick.

  • Nick

    it could either be really good or fucking terrible.

  • I listened to the album, and it’s not really ME, but Kanye’s other albums is fucking dope, so go get it Tech, I’d love to hear it!!

  • Mat

    He’s after a few mainstream callab’s but hey, if i was in his shoes I’d probably be doing the same thing.

  • It Would Be Absolutely Beautiful. Tech N9ne, My Favorite Rapper. And Yeezy, My 2nd Favorite Rapper, N Favorite Producer. Yeezy’s Album MBDTF Was Absolutely Brilliant.

  • July Hardesty

    I’m sorry but you’d be a fool to think Kanye is better than Tech N9ne. I got nothing against Kanye and if a collaboration will help Tech out then I’m all for it. But Tech! Don’t be afraid to be cocky about it because you are the greatest rapper earth has ever seen! Hands down! Strange Music!!!

  • i would be horrable cuz kanye west will always suck no matter who u put him wit. I like almost evry raper out there xcept kanye & rick ross

  • ps i’d prolly still love tha song cuz ur on it but still …….. KANYE?!!

  • Kevinchavez001

    I couldn’t agree with you more man. did you see kanye on the Today Show? He was acting like a straight fag with Matt Lauer. He acts like he is above everybody when really hes jus a bitch!

  • Evil_bassxx

    YES!!! Ive been saying Tech and Kali needs to get on a track with Mr. West for years. Ive also been sayin the same about and Wayne and look what happened.

  • TK

    Just keep the auto-tune to a minimum or nothing at all, and it’s sure to be a great collab.
    Keep it Strange!


  • Man, Kanye’s a real motherfucker that gets my respect regardless of the fact that he needs a PR agent. I’d love to see this shit happenin’..

  • Jesus Martinez_16

    y is it that wen tech joins someone else everybody hates on a nigga cuz of wat hes doin…let that nigga be cuz wen ur sittin there listin to his music u dont sit there n talk shit bout em(at least i dont).i think wat techz doin is fuckin awsome real talk..no matter who he does it with!!

  • G1d3on91

    Kayne got talent no question! But he is one of the famest rapper! So if Tech make a feat. then he is a bit more mainstream! And thats the reason why I think that many fans and me disslike the idea! I think tech have to work with underground musician like on k.o.d and gates mixed plate! Because the rapper on these got more flow and skillz than kanye or lil wayne! So my question to Tech is. What about “young niggas represent”?

  • I think tech could kill thoes beats if it had a harvey dent feal to it that’d be sick

  • Mkirkpatri02

    Of course that would be amazing Kanye is one of the most artist musicians alive I woulda loved to Tech on so appalled or all the lights Tech woulda ripped that up

  • Inderpalp

    hell yea! get it done

  • Adam

    I’d prefer if you stabbed the cunt to death Tech, keep it underground, fuck the mainstream!

  • No doubt man, Kanye is cool, but he’s retarded socially. Tech is tremendously better than that know it all.

  • i bought tha last three Kanye West albums and they still bang !!
    and yeap i do see a collab with Kanye and Tech. Jus look at who all he has collab’d with so far…..

  • ((K.O.D.)) to change the mainstream to underground, thiz is how TechN9ne is doing it !!

  • Kanye is a known freemason, if Tech does anything more than shoot that prick in the face I’m deleting all of his albums as well as starting a boycott on all Tech N9ne records. I know plenty of people I am sure the word will get out. C’mon Tech you know you’re better than this!

  • Hudnall96

    Kanye West is the biggest fag I know I thought mainstream was suppose to go tech not the other way around


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