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Murphy Lee Wants To Collaborate With Tech N9ne [Social]

Published: December 6, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

The rapper Murphy Lee reached out on his twitter in hopes of collaborating with Tech N9ne on a song. Murphy Lee is a grammy award winning artist and member of the St. Lunatics and is most known for the songs “Shake Ya Tailfeather” and “Wat Da Hook Gon Be” along with his contributions on Nelly’s Country Grammar. You may remember that Murphy Lee, Nelly and the St. Lunatics performed at this year’s Summer Jam concert in Kansas City with Tech (in which Tech N9ne was the headliner) so we can only guess that Lee’s request may have been sparked from that performance. It’s hard to say though, with all the buzz and attention surrounding Tech lately, his request could’ve stemmed from a number of different things. One thing is for sure, Murphy Lee is hoping for a KC and STL collaboration.

What do you think of the request? Do you want a Tech N9ne and Murphy Lee song? What do you think of Murphy Lee and the St. Lunatics? Post your comment below!

  • i think it would be dope as hell

  • Guest 9

    thatd be sickkk!!!

  • do it !

  • eric

    Gonna be another club banger!!! Do it!!!

  • Ryan

    hell yea ive always been a fan of murphy n nelly. cant even imagine how badass that would sound. we shall c what happens

  • Anonymous

    I remember Murphy Lee from Country Grammar. Would surely be a nice track.

  • Reade

    the fans have been waiting for you to do a collab with one or all of the st. lunatics tech. unite missouri the way it should be. im a true fan tech and i say collab with any and everybody you can whether its lil wayne or kanye or whoever. ill support you in whatever you do man. you deserve to get on a record with anybody in the “popular consciousness” or otherwise. the world needs your music and your style because there’s nobody doin it like you and strange. keep goin bro

  • sky’s


  • think the song would turn out dope as hell!!

  • i thought he died like 10 years ago

  • Inderpalp

    it’ll be dope. that song murph derty was tight

  • mizzouwhatitdo

    Murphy Lee would be a great collabo, he is much more lyrical and witty then the other lunatics……great fit for Tech.

    Missouri stand up!

  • great collabo !

  • TK

    I really hope this happens.
    Would be an amazing collab no doubt.
    Keep it Strange!



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