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Tech Confronts Twitter Beef [Social]

Published: December 6, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

Tech has always been good to his fans and he has gone out of his way to show appreciation to his fans, but over the course of this past weekend, Tech didn’t shy away at the opportunity to confront some of his “internet haters.” There were some haters in particular that really caught him off guard.

Blame it on the season, this Twitter user is doubling as both “The Grinch” and a “Psycho Bitch“. A woman(?) by the name @MaeganlPrice used Twitter as her tool to vent some nasty comments at Tech, calling him everything from “a (N-Word)” to “tranny fag”, but she didn’t stop there. After more than 20 belligerent updates on Twitter, she(?) finally got Tech’s attention in which Tech responded:

@melancholymaze love right back at you baby!

It’s good being Tech N9ne and having such a supportive fan base that will back you when internet haters appear. Here are a few of the Techn9ncians that were quick to respond to @MaeganlPrice during her Mitch Bade activities…

don’t give that hooker the satisfaction of you replying to her! Save your tweets for your real fans that love you! <3

At least @TECHN9NE has a life. You should get one.

I will not sit back and let ignorant people talk about my fam @techn9ne i will not hold my tounge so bring it bitch u not ready!

Focus on people that love and care for you, not her. The fans that accept & support you, not a nobody

Thanks to the fans, Tech has a lot more to be grateful for than he does internet haters to worry about. Internet bullies beware, Tech N9ne fans are out there keepin’ it Strange.

Why do you think that @MaeganlPrice would say this? What would like to say to @MaeganlPrice? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

  • KJ Murr

    Google the term “internet troll”. That’s all that was going on here. And it worked.

  • Just tell her to “suck-it-easy” enough said.

  • Trent from Knoxville

    Damn its good to know theres some real Tech N9ne fans out there!!!! I hate the haters more than the haters hate them selves so im the biggest hater and biggest lover!! TECH N9NE all day baby!!!

  • Feeding the troll haha. I admit I did a bit.

  • Chopchopent

    what da fuck tech tell dis bitch tog et her wobble wobble jelly stankin hatin 2 bit dick sucking tranny fuckin hoes as outside in da real world and sell her no good for nuttin ass on da corner and come back wit my money b4 i throw her in my trunk and kill dat dumb nasty ass piece of good for nuttin douchebag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nemesis

    real shit somebody just throw that bitch in the trunk and slame some tech in the there from 2 12″ sub woofers

  • Mark00mcswain

    Tell her to choke on tha anaconda.

  • Navarrete Dominic

    tech is one of the realist rappers out there, don’t let the negative attitudes of others bring you down, stay real tech

  • ruskiJONES

    Probably one of the dick-lovers that loved Tech’s dick a bit too hard and now she mad. Psycho Bitch.

  • I wouldn’t say shit, I’d show her what we do to haterz/racists where I’m from. But KJ Murr is right, she’s definitely a troll. Which means her real life sucks so she vents on the net. ROFLMAO, Fuckin slutbag.

  • nasty ass hoe, i hate racist fux, and i will go to jail beatin some rasict ass, i cant stand that shit!

  • Lisa Marie

    That bitch needs to slow her roll. She needs to stop trying to hate on Tech just because he has things that she wants. It’s low to start a beef over the internet regardless of who you’re starting it with but to start it with someone who’s accomplished as much as Tech has and actually gives a shit about their fans like Tech does really needs to take a look at themselves!

  • Shit I Dnt Wna Tell Her Shit… What I Really Want Is To Catch That Stupid Bitch Slippin In The Streets… I Wish She Would Say Some Shit Like That To Me About Tech To My Face… I’d Pull Some Brotha Lynch Hung On Dat Fuckin Bitch! She’s Lucky Real Talk… Cuz I Dnt Play When It Comes To Tech… Fuck That!

  • Joshuabrandt78

    One song sums her up. Pyscho Bitch.

  • Bgrill

    i think her calling him the n word was the only accurate thing she said

  • its only natural for some people to be so jealous of someone so talented, she is trying to catapult herself into the spotlight right next to tech because thats where she wants to be, right beside him. Understanding that tech has so many fans and that he might not see all of his tweets she engaged in juvenile behavior by making racist comments towards tech which nobody deserves. Tech will always remain number one in the underground and as such many haters will gather but many more technicians will back Tech, so tech, tell that psycho bitch to get the fuck outta here and play your music like you died.

  • Piccoj

    Throw. Her. In. The. Trunk.

  • shit thats wut i’m tryin to say!! i wish that bitch would do some shit like that in person i’d fuck dat bitch up!

  • that bitch is dumb, i dont follow twitter, but i mean if u dont like techs music that great!!! like what u like, but in no way is it acceptable to be Poppin off at the mouth and saying the N-word etc, bitch deserves to get Popped in the mouth with my fist, fuck all that noise!
    dumb hoe can go listen to her fag music and SORRY N SHIT if she dont like TECH its her own damn loss!!
    TECH IS THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I didn’t feel like getting into it w/ this Maegan chic because I know there was NO SENSE in talking to her because she is obviously an idiot to talk about Tech that way. My timeline was blowing up so I went to her page to see what the deal was, as I was reading I just kept getting more mad in which I tweeted to Tech:
    melancholymaze:FUCK ANY1 talkin shit on my idol @TechN9ne hes the REALEST man in the rap game & thas y he has such a STRONG fan base WE LOVE U TECH!
    and he replied w/ whats in the blog…ANYWAY I just wanted to share my 2 cents
    thanks for the shoutout in the blog! We’re all Techn9cians for life and thats why Tech loves his fans as much as we love him!!

  • Chanelgirl_23


  • Any anyone who loves Tech follow me on twitter bc him and all of Strange Music are the reason why I have one! lets keep the Tech and Strange Music love flowin!!

  • Reade

    she doesnt know anything about anything

  • tragk1

    watta bitch we should give her the elbow macaroni

  • She’s Pig Vomit.

  • Tech, just let Brotha Lynch Hung eat the bitch. That’ll finish the problem quick! Hahahaha!!!

  • WTF, this bitch is fuckin’ crazy! She picks Tech N9ne out of all black people in the world to be racist toward. Where the fuck did that come from

  • Fuckin stupid bitch thinks thats the best way to get her 15 mins? All she will get is a 15 min ass- kickin! Lol I don’t know why Ugly bitches even open their mouth 🙂 Techn9ne,Love U Baby!

  • we shuld get Brotha Lynch Hung on her 🙂

  • If you examine her history it appears that she was a typical tweeter until a day and a half ago. Then complete personality switch, caps lock, and an outbreak of the stupids hits her. I’d bet her account was compromised. At some point the original account owner might get it back. Until then, kick some bigot ass 🙂

  • Anonymous

    That’s the internet. Every racist fcuk with a low IQ can get on it and spout such nonsense. Real fans love you, Tech.

  • Fuzzys420

    racism is stupid, and to focus hate at a person that speaks the opposite is lame. find a white trash hater, and pick on someone of your own intelligence.

  • BigLuke

    sounds a little odd to me.. why is this triflin bitch just freakin out? did u fuck her tech??? or she just bored at home pmsin and had shit better to do then spit a buncha crap and propaganda? ill tell you one thing tech aint no nig. techs a fuckin real ass mother fucker. and aint no bitches words gunna even effect him. tech if u readin this, some people just have no respect. u got so much and all on your own terms and thru hard work.. u a beast at the top of the food chain and we should all be tryin to get ours just like this man has done and keeps doin. keep pumpin out them bangers!!!

  • Haggard8604

    someone needs to shut that bitch up b4 he fuck starts her face

  • “Focus on people that love and care for you, not her. The fans that accept & support you, not a nobody”

    This is my tweet. I withheld from saying anything to her because it is obvious that she is in need of attention! She has no substance in her hate, its all external and assuming. Some how or another she got my name anyway and called me names as well as the others taking up for Tech. Another equally ignorant individual is @The_rebel He is just as bad as her and possibly the reason why she is doing it. Tecnically he started it. Anyhow I’m sure Tech is not worried about it, he shouldn’t be. For every lame like them two there are 20 fans who appreciate your generosity with your pain, feelings and talent. Some of us revolve around you,only use twitter for you. We appreciate you & we love you for who you are. Afterall, if they do not like your music or the person you are, why say anything? I guess their mom never said “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all” Oh well bz’s will be bz’s Love ya Tech

  • Julyhardesty

    dumb cunt is just jealous

  • HAHAHA! I was in on this, supportin Tech ofcourse!

  • That Maegan chicc even called me a dirty arab, a filthy sand nigger and so on…. She isn’t worth the time waste tho.

  • put her in the trunk !!!

  • 424honda424

    Tell that Bitch to suck it easy

  • @MaeganlPrice- Hey my dick needs sucking and my room needs cleaning so get over here and do your job!!!!


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