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Krizz Kaliko With Kansas City Chief Dexter McCluster [Social]

Published: January 2, 2011 in Krizz Kaliko by

Showing his KC pride, Krizz Kaliko was spotted at Code Red, a Chiefs party at Club Luna, with Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dexter McCluster. The photo seen here, was retweeted by Strange Music’s official Twitter page with the following message:

@krizzkaliko kickin’ it with KC Chiefs Dexter McCluster at #CODERED

The Kansas City Chiefs recently won their AFC West title in their newly renovated home stadium. No doubt, Krizz Kaliko is excited about his hometown team getting their game on.

  • CHARRRRGERRRRZZ! .. and them muthafukn chiefs! my favrit mashup! in tha HOLE in CCA prison october 09 game changin interception.. peekn thru tha food slot so i could see tha tv screen .. hellyea. guhd times.. haha! THANK YOU STRANGE!


    I’m Tha Real: InDago ♇✯A♄♈$✟ aka ♇ogan ♏. ♇a♈elle! N THIS is The1NOnly ♛BorderBlind❂Entertainment♛! N I approve this message http://tiny.ly/uDbQ
    <======If U Haven't Checked Out Logan M.'s 1st [Un]OFFICIAL Video thn DOO SO! Like now.. IF UR FROM MOUNTAIN EMPIRE U SHLDA ARDY BEEEN CLIKKN THIS SHIT MUTHAFUKR!! WUT R U WAITING FOR? ..and it only gitz WAYY better thn this too.. way mor to come. DON'T FORGET TO SHARE IT!

    lemme kno wucha think fuul!



    Logan M. LaVelle
    aka InDago LOAKUST
    Border Blind Entertainment


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