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‘Bad Season’ Featured On XXL’s ’100 Best Mixtapes Of 2010′

Published: January 3, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Following an explosive release that broke traffic records and garnered the attention of all hip hop sites, Tech N9ne’s Bad Season has landed on XXLmag.com’s “100 Best Mixtapes Of 2010”. Bad Season comes in at no. 11, and even though it narrowly missed the top 10, it still outranks major mixtapes by artists like Bun B, Scarface, Jim Jones, and The Game. This is a monumental success for Tech N9ne on his first outing in the mixtape circuit. Here is what XXL said of Bad Season:

“On the highly anticipated first mixtape in the indie king’s 11-year solo career, Tech slightly tones down on the bizarre bars for an uncharacteristically more polished product.”

With all of the incredible feedback, perhaps this will open the doors for more Tech N9ne mixtapes. Click here for the full feature. Fans can still download Bad Season for free by clicking here.

Do you think Tech should have placed higher in the rankings? How does Bad Season compare to Tech N9ne’s other albums?

  • Psycho Maestro

    Yeah of course it should have. RICK ROSS OUTRANKS HIM?? Please. Why don’t people that understand Hip Hop ever write these god damn lists or articles?

  • MrMakanhoes

    “Tech slightly tones down on the bizarre bars for an uncharacteristically more polished product.” AkA you mean stops doing great music and starts making subpar mainstream shit no offence to tech cause i know he is about the money an all but as of these last 2 cds that have dropped have been garbage…. its not the tech n9ne that was once KC King now it seems like he is more of a Media Slave…

  • 11 and at the end of the year like that? not bad at all. although i never paid attention to such things until artists I like (ie underground) are in them. Good for you tech. and as far as not being the KC king anymore, I can say that I have been listening to him for more than 5 years and I can say he has evolved. I do love the new shit though. It’s great to see Tech embrace that which was thrust upon him and call himself the KOD. although he has been doing that for years, turning negative into positive and all that. this is just another example of that. He was called untouchable by a few higher ups and all the real artists said “fuck that he’s the shit” and worked with him anyway. Tech is about that message (the music) and doesn’t care who he colabos with to get it out there. So whoop whoop my main damie (yes I pay attention) and keep pumpin ’em out for us. cant wait fro 6’s and 7’s. tech n9999999ne

  • Jdub

    listen to how he rips up the tracks on his latest shit, dont tell me “bad season and “the gates mixed plate” are garbage.


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