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POLL: Favorite Song On ‘Bad Season’

Published: January 9, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

No one could have seen the impact that Tech N9ne’s Bad Season would have on the internet. The mixtape, which plays more like a full album, continues to spread around the world. With everyone sharing their thoughts on the outcome, we have decided to let the fans speak their mind. We would like to know what your favorite song on Bad Season is.

With “Table and Chest Stress”, Tech took it back for his old school fans, and kicked off the mixtape with a vengeance. Songs like “Sex To The Beat” and “Down For The Block” find Tech flawlessly flowing over raw Southern production. On “Livin Like I’m Dyin”, Tech N9ne unleashes one of the most polished tracks on the tape with an assist from Kutt Calhoun and CES Cru. All four MC’s fly over the vintage production and deliver some of the most memorable lines on Bad Season. “Hard Liquor” finds Tech N9ne venting about his recent alcohol restrictions over a Dr. Dre production with live drums from Travis Barker. The collaboration is the first of its kind for Tech N9ne fans. The last official Bad Season track “Losin My Mind” is the perfect stage for Tech N9ne to display his solo skills. Tech drops bars of precision on this short, but killer finale for Bad Season.

Fans can still download Bad Season for free by clicking here. Vote below for your favorite song from Bad Season.

Favorite Song On ‘Bad Season’ ?


  • THE3millionThug

    sorry but table and chest stress’ beat sounded WAY to synthetic to me if it was done like melancholy maze it would sounded WAY cleaner

  • cd quality where you at??? and no tags come on now!

  • Anonymous

    Came close between No More Music By The Suckas and Ego Trippin’. NMMBTS won, but it was very close.

  • Tyrone Johnson

    The beat sounded exactly like it did when Tech did the interview with DJ Whoo kid on Sirius XM.
    So the beat was not synthetic in my opinion.
    The song sounded clean as a motherfucker.

  • Fuzzys420

    it was a hard choice. They’re all good, second vote would have been hard liquor

  • Love the Table and Chess Beat, Tech needs more beats like that! 😉
    Liked the whole mixtape, but Losin my mind has my vote.

  • Anonymous

    Actually I asked Tech if he recorded this live and he said yes so indeed it’s real. Probably had a mic pointed at his chest and one on the table and of course one for his voice. They probably compressed him hitting his chest and table so that’s why it might sound synthetic to you but make no doubt about it, that was all him: one take, no beat, no nothing.

  • Mrs. Yates

    tech is da best in the game business wise and music wise who can honestly touch him? ….NOBODY..only tech can get watever beat n make that ish HOT! n to all thoe hater we look at ya say F.U.N. he been doin this for years n it cracks me up that ppl jus findin out bout this F.T.I. movement

  • Losin my Mind and Down for the Block had me in a lock….Losin my Mind won but its hella close.

  • joe

    THIS WAS HARD to pick a song, it came down to LOSiN MY MIND and TABLE AND CHEST STRESS…i picked table and chest stress. it would be sweet to see a video for one of these songs, even low budget would be tight

  • This was a hard choice for me. So many good songs on this damn Mixtape. It was either Table and Stress or Livin Like Im Dyin. Of course though I had to go with the old school shit when Tech just beats on his Chest and a Table and spits fire over it. Gotta love that shit.

  • It’s always good to hear Tech doing his own hooks. So I pick “Loosing My Mind”!

  • I had to go with Ego Trippin’ especially because it was a beat Tech said he wouldn’t have picked himself. Plus the music video was cool. Down for the Block and Bad Season would have been my next choices.

  • Adriengoodshield

    shit man i like tha liCC ya teeth song man thats the best song (fuCCin muziC) sinCe 7 wordz
    but otha then that its HARD LIQUOR

  • all these songs are great, but the beat on ego trippin is FUCKIN SICK. to bad the song isnt longer but, oh well. guess i’ll listen to it twice in a row haha

  • Ry_ski

    loosing my mind is number #1


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