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Throwback: Grindaholik TV Brotha Lynch Hung Interview [Video]

Published: February 22, 2011 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

S.B. the Grindaholik of Grindaholik TV sat down with Brotha Lynch Hung and a cup of KC tea for an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview during the Strange Days tour. Lynch talks about his first album, 24 Deep, (which was released in 1992 by cassette tape) signing with Strange Music and the concept behind his trilogy set. Fans can get a copy of Coathanga Strangla, the second album of Lynch’s three-album installment, on April 5. Check out the full video interview below.

What was the first Lynch album you bought?

  • First Album I Bought By Lynch,
    Loaded (1997)
    After That, I Got The Sickness.
    Bought Every Single One After That.
    When I Heard Brotha Lynch Went Strange,
    It Was Almost To Good To Be True, Sickness And Strange?
    I Did Research, And He Really Did Become Part Of Strange Music,
    It Was Like My Dream Came True.
    Give Lynch Some Good Equipment And Leave Him In A Room For A Week,
    Then You Will Have Your Mind Blown Every Single Time. I Pre Ordered “C.O.S.” And Will Continue To Pre Order Anything Lynch Throws Out There,I’ll Keep Listening To Dinner And A Movie Until I Get Tired Of That, And Go Back To Listening To His Older Albums, See With Lynch, Your Never Let Down, There Is Always A Story Behind His Music, And That Is A Fact. He Has Some Of The Best Music Out There, If You Don’t Believe Me, Thats Your Opinion, But In My Opinion, Lynch Has You All Sicc Already, I Suggest You Go See A Doctor.

  • Geno12388

    Hell yeah mayne brotha lynch hung can’t wait for that chs already pre ordered it homie!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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