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Strange Noize Tour 2011 : Strange Music And Suburban Noize Hit The Road Together Once Again

Published: February 16, 2011 in Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone by

This spring, two of the most successful independent record labels come together to wreak havoc on the road once again.  The 3rd annual “Strange Noize Tour” brings together two powerhouse labels – Strange Music and Suburban Noize – for a tour like no other.  With artists representing both labels hitting the stage, fans are sure to see one of the most impactful and diverse Hip Hop shows around.

Co-headlining this chapter of the “Strange Noize Tour” saga will be none other than Sub Noize’s Johnny Richter of the Kottonmouth Kings, along with Strange Music’s resident genius, Krizz KalikoRichter, a key member of the Kings, has been hitting the road nonstop – most recently supporting the Kings’ album Long Live The Kings and his solo release, Laughing, and along the way developing an instantly recognizable swagger and style that’s all his own. Fans know Krizz Kaliko thru his constant touring with Tech N9ne, as well as thru his game-changing Strange Music albums, his latest being Shock TreatmentKrizz’s stage presence is undeniable and his live show is an energetic force unto itself.

Joining Krizz and Richter will be Saigon and Potluck from Suburban Noize, along with Kutt Calhoun from Strange Music.  Saigon, one of Brooklyn’s finest, recently signed with Suburban Noize , adding a gritty East Coast element to the label’s already well-rounded roster with his album The Greatest Story Never ToldPotluck are following a trail blazed by the Kings as they rep Humboldt County from coast to coast – their upcoming May release “Rhymes And Resin” .  The Kansas City Chief, Kutt Calhoun, brings his Raw And Un-Kutt brand of catchy, street-smart Hip Hop to the tour.  Arizona local J Hornay rounds out the lineup with his self-described “jokester” style of rap.

The 2011 “Strange Noize Tour” combines two of the most notable independent record labels for a tour that will continue to change the expectations of what Hip Hop can be.


3/5/2011 – Detroit, Michigan – Harpos
3/8/2011 – Cleveland, Ohio – Peabody’s
3/9/2011 - Columbus, Ohio – Al Rosa
3/10/2011 – Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania – Diesel
3/11/2011 – Worcester, Massachusetts – The Palladium
3/12/2011 – Hartford, Connecticut – Webster Theatre
3/17/2011 – Crest Hill, Illinois – Bada Brew
3/18/2011 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – The Eagles Hall
3/19/2011 – Fargo, North Dakota – Aquarium (upstairs)
3/20/2011 – Omaha, Nebraska – Slowdown
3/21/2011 – Lincon, Nebraska – Bourbon Theatre
3/22/2011 – Des Moines, Iowa – Peoples
3/23/2011 – Sauget, Illinois – Pops
3/26/2011 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – The Diamond Ballroom
3/28/2011 – Tucson, Arizona – The Rialto
3/29/2011 - Tempe, Arizona – The Marquee
- Flagstaff, Arizona – Orpheum Theater
3/31/2011 –
Albuquerque, New Mexico – Sunshine Theater
4/3/2011 – Casper, Wyoming – Downtown Grill
4/4/2011 - Fort Collins, Colorado – The Aggie
4/5/2011 – Billings, Montana – The Railyard (TWO SHOWS, early and late)
4/6/2011 – Bozeman, Montana – Zebra Cocktail Lounge (TWO SHOWS, early and late)
4/7/2011 – Missoula, Montana – Top Hat
4/8/2011 – Boise, Idaho – The Knitting Factory
4/10/2011 – Pasco, Washington – La Tropicana
4/11/2011 – Spokane, Washington – The Knitting Factory
4/13/2011 – Seattle, Washington – El Corzan
4/14/2011 – Portland, Oregon – The Hawthorne Theater
4/15/2011 – Eureka, California – The Red Fox Tavern
4/17/2011 - Orangevale, California – The Boardwalk
4/18/2011 – Reno, Nevada – The Knitting Factory

  • jason

    there is a cali show, its the second to last one in eureka

  • jason

    there is a cali show, its the second to last one in eureka

  • Ryan Ga

    nope except for the one in fo co

  • cory massey

    come to LA!!

  • cory massey

    come to LA!!

  • Sheldonstoker

    tech isnt on the tour

  • Travis Sod Wooldridge

    WTF!!!?? NO Los Angeles/ Orange County show. Are you kidding me?

  • Travis Sod Wooldridge

    total fail.

  • batz13

    No south east shows :(

  • Steve

    no shows in Indiana????

  • Mike Potter

    no kansas city dates that makes me sick

  • Juice_lee_ho

    i love how they are doin 5 shows all together in montana they love us

  • Techn9cian

    come on now u kno we show you hella love in Minnesota i thin k nyou should come up here nd rock the town and party wit us lookin foward to the party fo sho

  • Xmonoxidex

    are you fucking serious yall aint commin through philly this is fucking bullshit tech what the fuck

  • Shoogzy

    Or the Albuquerque show?

  • Miss Stevies

    why are you going to be here the same day as the Hed 2 Head tour!! I want to see you both.

  • sebastian


  • 928 Flagtown AZ

    Hell yeah 928 flagtown Arizona city native!!

  • John S

    where are the florida shows????

  • Garciasranthony

    What about san Antonio tx..o mean come on.

  • Agetrujillo86

    Denver denver Denver denver Denver denver

  • L-DuB

    NO MN???? WTF

  • eva

    so Tech aint doin a show in casper wyoming this year????? wow that sux!!!! but we cant wait 2 see u again KUTTY!!!!! REAL TALK!!!!!!!!

  • Etownmn651

    no minnesota??? WTF

  • Sheena A

    What happened to coming to Grand Junction, CO?

  • Dasaracer41

    Bring it back to Chico Ca!!!!!!!!

  • Itssosoft16

    Theyre comin to the Aggie in Fort Collins

  • SoNiC[X]

    Jouzu210, They are coming dont worry, June 8, 2011 @ The Cotillion

  • SoNiC[X]

    They are coming dont worry, June 8, 2011 @ The Cotillion

  • Rhianonsnyder

    any one have tickets for sale or know how I can get tickets for the April 13th show in Seattle wA. Please help :)

  • Dghg

    no minnesota either…. damn

  • Anonymous

    WOW. You lot complaining they’re not somewhere in the US.

    I’M IN ENGLAND! Think how I feel!!! :(


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