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Exclusive Presidents Day Interview With Travis O’Guin [Audio]

Published: February 21, 2011 in Strange Music by

To celebrate those that led the United States on the road to independence, what better way than to interview the man that has led Tech N9ne on his own road to independence? Enter Strange Music President and CEO, Travis O’Guin, the man that took Tech away from bad contracts and legal bondage and onto the path of a hip hop empire built with independent dollars. The brilliant, outspoken, and yet humble businessman gave us the juice on a variety things that are a must-know for not only fans of Strange Music, but anyone who wants to build their own empire. Travis lets us know where Strange is compared to where it could be, reveals the ins and outs of Strange Music’s navigation through the murky waters of the music business, shares the attributes behind his personal success, and much more. This is one of the most candid and revealing interviews ever given from Strange Music, filled with much truthful and hilarious insight into the music business and Strange Music’s place in it. Listen below.

Travis O’Guin Presidents Day Interview Part 1 of 2 by StrangeMusicInc

Travis O’Guin Presidents Day Interview Part 2 of 2 by StrangeMusicInc

  • Onehunitbarz

    if im at a fuckin stop light n it turns green do i get excited?? fuck no because it’s supposed 2 happen hahahaha on some real shit Trav keep doin’ ur thing man

  • SMART man, no hype, look at the numbers. Much respect! Yes, don’t ride the emotions. It’s not an easy task. “Give me an honest person” Inspirational.

  • Victor Sandoval

    Jack Stack’s is top notch BBQ.

  • Radam

    Travis hit the money on every topic in that interview. Whoever edited that interview though, could have done a better job in a few seconds using pro tools or adobe audition to make it sound more professional…but whatever…

    In my personal opinion I think Strange is weak on the merchandise front. I think they need to hire some brand new talent to come up with better designs and better catch phrases. Plus I think they should start some more limited premium collectors merchandise to go along with their new releases and for competitions to further excite the fans and generate more buzz.

    I could go on and it’s just my opinion but I think in terms of marketing and merchandise Strange could be taking it to the next level.

  • Juggalotus497

    Read this Trav…sign Hopsin before his tour and send out sum1 else on strange with him. That will fuckin blow up

  • Can we get some more info about Strange Lane and what its all about?

  • fuck yea travis speeks the truth an is real as fuck one of the best interviews ive heard from the business side of music im glad to here the future plans sounds awesome n cant wait for the new signees to strange n im pretty shure who they are hopsin,stevie stone,irv da phenom cant wait also for the new prozak n project deadman stuff iz gonna be sick as fuck keep up with the success strange music strange 4 life!!!!

  • Kcmex

    Great Interview!!

  • MERCH!! Can we, the fans PLEASE have a Kutt Calhoun Jersey made!!! 😀

  • King Mystery

    From the interview, Travis is the most realest person in the music industry right now. Everything he says, true ass hell. The industry is gonna have to deal with the fact that these independent rec labels are what the people are going to start listening to. Underground tallent is coming to the top and we never gonna stop until we run it.. Even then still striving for more cuz theres no ceiling in this independent warehouse…The sky’s the limit and up is the direction we accelerate…Much Love to Strange Music From, King Mystery!

    Ya’ll the greatest and music is our life!!


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