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POLL: Best Kutt Calhoun Track From B.L.E.V.E.?

Published: February 24, 2011 in Uncategorized by

“He can flip a fast-flowing clean delivery worthy of Twista or Tech N9ne, but he’s also got some hella intelligent thought provoking lyrics,” said about Kutt Calhoun on B.L.E.V.E. Kutt dropped B.L.E.V.E., his debut album with Strange Music, in August 2004. went on to say, “Kutt’s voice hits a pleasant mid range vocal tone, the words are crisp, and the breath control feels well rehearsed and fully matured – which makes his musical and lyrical debut straight outta nowhere all the more surprising.” We want to know, which is your favorite track from B.L.E.V.E.? Please vote in our poll below!


  • IMO It definitely has to be N a Whitemanzeyez!!


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