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Jay Rock Set To Appear On This Week’s Episode Of ‘SM Live’

Published: February 24, 2011 in Strange Music by

The world’s most entertaining podcast is at it again with another marquee West Coast guest on this week’s episode of SM Live With Makzilla. Strange Music’s newest signee Jay Rock is set to appear on this week’s episode, discussing his upcoming album, the recent hoopla with Dr. Dre, and the excitement surrounding the TDE label and its artists. Given the popularity of last week’s segment, Makzilla will be giving MORE relationship advice. Makzilla also has a startling revelation to give about this year’s NBA All-Star Game. STAY TUNED for this week’s episode of SM Live, airing Friday, February 25 at 4PM CST.

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SM Live Episode 6 by StrangeMusicInc

UPDATE: Makzilla had several special guest hosts on today’s edition of SM Live. Kutt Calhoun and Tech N9ne joined Makzilla live, and Jay Rock called in about halfway through the show.

On the news front, Krizz Kaliko will be performing live tonight at the Beaumont Club. Tech said that Krizz wants him to take a break from the studio and make an appearance for a song at the show. Makzilla went on to talk about his disappointment with the NBA All-Star game. Makzilla said the NBA “pissed him off” with the dunk contest. He wasn’t impressed with Griffin’s win.

Makzilla talked about his flight home yesterday. He said the 70-year-old man sitting next to him was snoring in “fetal position.” The man farted, so of course Makzilla nudged him. Tech confessed that he had farted several times during rehearsal with Kutt earlier today.

Picking up from last week’s show, several callers had several questions to ask the guys about relationships and sex. Tech told one of the callers that if they want relationship advice: “don’t get in one.” “They’re too hard to maintain,” Tech said.

Jay Rock talked about Follow Me Home, which will be released May 17. He said it will feature some real hood tales, and guest spots from Chris Brown, Rick Ross, and the Black Hippy crew. Tech told Jay that he and Kutt just finished a track and will send it to him soon.

Send any questions or comments to smlive@strangemusicinc.com! Remember, this is your chance to ask anything that you want. We’ll be live again next Friday at 4 p.m. CST (5 p.m. ET).

  • You guy’s need to just get into talks with DirecTV and get your own show on the 101 channel. Its made for independent producers to get their show ideas out there. Lots of coverage and all you guy’s say lots of funny shit and thats what really makes people watch tv nowadays

  • Bdillon88

    This blows I can’t see anything.

  • Bdillon88

    This blows I can’t see anything.

  • sorry i missed it

  • Redman

    Thats whats up!


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