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Throwback: Kutt Calhoun Says, 'Just Do You' [Video]

Published: February 26, 2011 in Uncategorized by

The Strange Music artists don’t play. You may remember last month when Big Scoob went on Twitter to call out those who claim to be rappers. In this 2008 video interview with FroPromo, Kutt says don’t try to represent something that you ain’t. “Just be yourself,” Kutt said. “Just do you. Don’t try to be nobody else, man.” Check out the full video interview below.

What rappers do you consider fake? Do you think Kutt was talking about anyone in particular?

  • Hell yeah, wordz of wizdom, jus do you dont be no fake azz punk

  • hell yeah, wordz of wizdom. jus do you dont be no fake azz punk


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