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POLL: Best Song On ‘Anghellic’

Published: February 4, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

As All 6’s and 7’s draws nearer and nearer, promising to be Tech N9ne’s biggest album of his career, we want to find out what the best of Tech N9ne is from the beginning up until now. What better place to start than the album that served as the jump off for Strange Music? Anghellic, recently named as one of the 20 most slept-on hip hop albums of all-time by The Source, is a cinematic journey through the abyss of Tech N9ne’s soul, and one of the most original albums that hip hop has ever produced. Songs like “It’s Alive” served as anthems for Tech’s city of pride, while “This Ring” and “Einstein” are classics that remain staples of Tech’s live performances to this day. Vote below for your favorite track on Tech N9ne’s classic Strange Music debut!

(For the sake of this poll we will be using the tracklist from the “Reparation” version of Anghellic)


  • InternetJunky

    I voted God Complex…but really Devil Boy, This Ring, Breathe, Suicide Letters, Real Killer (I’d only change the hook), & Einstein are the best on this album.

  • man, this is a hard choice all the songs on anghellic are my favorites

  • Mccullough1307

    Why you gotta limit us to one their all fucking FIRE!

  • Anonymous

    Can only agree with the other comments, they’re all dope tracks. Voted Devil Boy, closely followed by Einstein – that one had to grow on me a little though.

  • Its Sooo Goddamn Hard 2 Juss CHoose One.

  • TECHN9n3

    BREATH is fuck sick as all hell…but you know every track on that CD come hard like rock!!!

  • DJ

    Voted Twisted but This Ring, Going Bad, Breathe, God Complex, Psycho Bitch and Suicide Letters are all my favorites. R.I.P Roger Troutman.

  • Chrisncool

    it’s a hard decision between This Ring, Breathe, Who You Came To See, Cursed & God Complex. chose This Ring though… wanted to choose Breathe too!! lmao

  • that album is insane.. every track is a banger

  • Botelho219

    breathe i guess haha. he really needs to perform that song!

  • this post is a fucking fail….. Its hard to limit just one favorite track off of one of techs dopest albums. Hands down my favorite album but also tied in the number 1 spot is calm before the storm. Fuck its hard to choose one though, the should have made a choice “WHOLE ALBUM”……. Keep doin you tech imma rep you to the fullest i been a fan since this album, but i heard songs from previous work before this shit like the old school 57th street rogue dog, calm before the storm, celcius, the worst man i fuckin love this nigga glad to see you’re finally getting what you been working so hard for. 10 years of bein independent an you still runnin Thaaangs keep it STRANGE ALL DAY ALL NIGHT!!!!!!!

  • you should at least do a second choice poll for this one, its so hard. i voted “breathe” but the “this ring” “god complex” “suicide letters” “its alive” and “psycho bitch”

    I mean with all do respect, this poll sucks.

  • A-Mac


  • Jeff Nelson

    LOL @ “this poll sucks.” It’s strangely flattering and a testament to the strength of this album. Sorry N Shit guys! Thanks for voting though! Looks like “This Ring” came out. I remember when I first heard that track…that was the one that really hit me on every single level: music, flow, content, emotion. Masterpiece. I really hope Tech and Icy Roc do some more stuff together in the future.

  • Kay kay Gresham

    I love tech 9 so it’s kinda hard to pick just one!!!!!

  • Techfan65

    all the songs are amazing any tech is better than anything else fuck autotune tech keep it real!!

  • T-admire

    Twisted! R. I. P. Roger Troutman

  • Teshadyone

    Cant just pick one favourite every track is massive!! I voted real killer b

  • pretty much the hardest poll i’ve ever had to do >.<

  • Romer-G

    Its hard to pick just one track with the likes ov Einstein, Suicide Letters, This Ring, Psycho Bitch, This Life (not on list), Goin Bad, shit every track is killer

  • WE ~ LIKE ~> ALLL  *  !!!  … . . .

  • Richsibley

    I’m surprised This Ring beat out Einstein, I gotta say even tho all the tracks are sizzlin Einstein is my top fav along with It’s Alive.

  • Tough choice.  I like Tormented, Psycho Bitch (1st song I heard by Tech), Cursed, Suicide Letters, This Ring, God Complex, Going Bad, and Twisted.

  • Jonathan_l_evans

    this ring for thought, einstein for drinking. sik album all around though. bought it when it came out and been bumpin’ tech ever since. kill the game.


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