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The Rock Praises ¡MAYDAY!, Tech N9ne, & Strange Music ahead of WWE 2K18 Release

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Tech N9ne And Eminem Collaboration Mention Appears On Official Aftermath Entertainment Blog

Published: February 2, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

The folks at Eminem’s camp are paying attention, and yet another signal is shown that an Eminem and Tech N9ne collaboration is bound to happen. Recently we interviewed DJ Whoo Kid and asked him about the possibility of the two powerhouse MCs colliding on a track. DJ Whoo Kid seemed to think the chances were likely, as evidenced by this revealing quote posted on the Aftermath website:

They worked together like years ago, like 10-12 years ago. Dealing with, especially like Royce and D12 and all them, the rumors are crackling or leaking into that camp to where it will probably wake them up. I’m going to set that up also ’cause I wouldn’t mind seeing a Tech N9ne, Eminem collabo. I’m doing my phone calls. That’s something that everyone is wanting to see. There’s too many links to where there’s no way it can’t happen.

Make sure you click HERE and visit the post on! Let them know how much you want to see this collaboration go down!

  • Anonymous

    DONE! Good to see the big guys paying attention, too.

  • Chrisncool

    i just left a comment there under “Chris”! Guys, if u wanna see Tech N9ne collab with Eminem, COMMENT ON THE FUCKING SITE! They’re probably doing this to test the feedback they get. We gotta make sure to give them as much positive feedback as possible! Tech N9ne/Eminem collabo is a fucking wet dream for real Hip-Hop fans! Do this for the sake of Hip-Hop, and Tech N9ne’s life efforts in music!!!

  • Mogley71

    hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ttigrisa

    eminem is agood rapper but after he made that song about his dad makeing him suck his dick and getting it up the ass in the back shed really disgusted me.havent looked at him the same after that.

  • Vash_T

    keen… AS!

  • Chrisncool

    its not a true story moron. it’s all shock value.

  • Scoogny

    DO IT! lol

  • Necro-ninja

    Tech I say FTI and dont do a track with Eminem.

  • Dschablik

    i love how people are talking about they dont like eminem because of the song insane, when tech n9ne makes songs about eating people. they both have kinda of the same rapping concepts so thats another reason why they should work together.

  • Lilshack513

    I’ve been listening to Tech for a long time. I allways wanted to hear a Em and Tech joint, and after I heared cry bgaby I know why. Em was scared at first now it’s like let me run to whats hot. That’s why I got D12 and no EM (Tech N9ne). He was right Tech wont go mainstream mainstream will go Tech.

  • ETOWNMN651


  • Skorpion_kid

    do it, tech, i know you two would blow em all away

  • xxXX102XXxx


  • Chrisncool

    Fuck off with that shit you narrow-minded, stupid, bitch ass punk. This would be a great track & great opportunity for Tech. So fuck off with your hate & negativity.

  • Kmk_chick_jdgaf

    i would love to hear some of that fresh new shit that would be awesome to hear Eminem on one of Techs cds or Tech on one of Eminems cd i have all of Eminems old shit and new shit and alot of Tech dont got no old school shit but its to hard to find anymore so ya for reals so make that happen so i can get that shit for reals much love to Tech and Eminem both love your guys music you guys are awesome much love!!!!!

  • Tech N9ne and Eminem collabo just HAS to happen. It’s well overdue. The Anthem was ill, but now it’s time for the nuclear bomb to drop.

    Strange taking over!

  • juggalo kurtis

    why would tech want to degreade himself by being on the same track as eminem?

  • Jigg

    you are a dumb fuck.

  • Soldier980

    funny your insulting someone and then telling them that there the ones being negitive and hateful, think buddy

  • Jeramieogle

    your all dumfucks eminem the shit and makes tech look like a bitch even though tech is good, fuck you juggalettes,  ja rule fans, benzino fans, limp little dick fans, everlast fans, moby, nelly, everybuddy

  • Jeramieogle

    I Hate juggalos. JUGGALO HOLOCAUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kommotion

    The Anthem was madness dawg!! 10-12 years later….both MC’s have changed and grew so much, Im pretty sure Em will Collab with Tech and Klusterfuck Ep or Eminem’s next Studio Album. With so much buzz about how tech sux and Em sux, why doesn’t everyone STFU and stop running their eyes, even Tech said it, “I ain’t one to hate, Im one to congratulate”….now If your a real Technician you’ll understand that you got to appreciate what other people are doing in the music industry. Yes, most rappers are wack as fuck and don’t have talent, but when it comes to Eminem….K’mon now….Tech again said it in the EuroTech Dvd, Tech believes Em is the cream of the crop in rap.  So if they collab just like Wayne and Tech did, then recognize whats real,….. TECH IS KING BITCH!!! 

  • degrade hahaha thats probably the funniest thing ive ever heard eminem is just as hard as tech and  nobody can touch either of them and he already degraded when he was with lil wayne and t-pain before eminem……..sick song would be busta rhymes then hopsin then tech..then em

  • monsterman.jw

    Man…. im a big fan of em and an even bigger fan of strange music but I have to say at this point I could care less if they did a song together. Em bulshitted and I feel like that was a huge slap in the fave to tech and his whole camp only bcus it kinda seems like he dont wannacolab with nobody that isnt hot and making himself even richer than he is and I cant hate him for that and I will always remain an eminem fan but that shit aint what hip hop is about and that type of shit is what’s wrong with the state of hip hop today. To many great artists are money first and music and crewtivity second.

  • MrBean

    why would you come onto a Tech N9ne site and say that? Eminem fan boys have no credibility, they have there blinders on like any other fan boy, and then some.


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