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The Rock Praises ¡MAYDAY!, Tech N9ne, & Strange Music ahead of WWE 2K18 Release
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Tech N9ne And Lil Wayne In The Studio [Social]

Published: February 6, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one is worth a milli. After months of anticipation and speculation, Tech N9ne has confirmed his collaboration with mega-star Lil Wayne. Tech tweeted fans on his official Twitter page with the photo on the left. Following his tweet, fans flooded Tech’s Twitter with their support for the long awaited collaboration.

Fans responded to Tech’s tweet by supporting the Kansas City King:

What do you think of Tech Wayne finally working together? Do you think this is a collaboration for Tech’s All 6’s And 7’s or Wayne’s Tha Carter IV? Leave your thoughts below!

  • Em

    it’ll b interesting!! dats fo sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blake

    ill listen to it thats real talk

  • Joevandeveer

    The ripdip choppa style of Tech, and spitin watevers shitin his brain, these men better pull thru wit the clutch and kick it into gear o.ver d.rive style!

  • Joevandeveer

    The ripdip choppa style of Tech, and spitin watevers shitin his brain, these men better pull thru wit the clutch and kick it into gear o.ver d.rive style!


  • SuperTrooper699

    I hope Tech makes Lil Wayne look like the shit rapper he is! Not that he used to be but is now!

  • Marcoenriquez10

    i cant w8 for the album thats all. lil wayne better step it up

  • Putting wayne and tech together is like putting a crayon drawing from a preschooler next to the mona lisa.

  • tech imma see you when you come to grand junction again. XD <3

  • Wayne O

    Love the music bro hope to have a change to make music with you some day look me up 2 of a kind on facebook
    and by you doing a song with lil wayne that put us on the map

  • Guess there is no more speculation now is there. Good to see its over with.

  • All I can say is.. Lil Wayne better bring it. I crave you Aaron, you can keep me in your trunk.. he.. he..

  • Shit it’s gonna be a banger and should be on both albums I’ve been waiting for this for years two of my favorite artist in the studio and it’s gonna be sick!!!!




  • Auhdhruvcxn

    Ur right. Waynes the crayon drawing. Tech nizzle fo shizzle

  • Scrub

    Man i dont even care about how bad wayns raps are his beats are sick and his fame is gonna make tech explode onto the scene and he aint no bitch hes gonna stay true to himself and not sell out. This is gonna boost all of strange music onto the scene, its gonna change rap for the better and i cant wait shits gonna be too ill

  • cody james hammerle

    yall some little bitch stop hatin on the man lil wayne is the shit at his own game just like tech id the king of his wayne is a mastermind along with tech i love everything about tech and wanye they the shit now it just time to get icp with em on a track lol

  • justin

    at first i didnt know whatto think then i reaized tech and wayne the world is gonna hear somethin un real some shit theyve been dying to hear

  • Sam the Hooligan

    been a fan of tech since like 2000…2001. def think he is at the top of his game and THEE game. But people need to stop hatin on wayne, dude is good at what he does and def is a top contender. im thrilled that they got together, not for the fact that it mighta got techs name out there a lil more with more people, but for the fact that 2 B boy5 at the top of there game put somethin together an killed it….on both albums. to all the haters …realize n recognize whats poppin …. shout to my B Boy5. TECHH N9NNNEEE!!!…..n its more like a da vinci next to a vangough…..both great artists, just a lil different at what they do.


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