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Tech N9ne Fan Pic Of The Week 02/10/2011

Published: February 10, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

“My name is Emanuel Borja from Damascus, Maryland. The picture in this e-mail is from my second time meeting tech n9ne down in Baltimore. The first time i met him i was completely too timid to even say anything or even ask for a picture so i just asked if he would sign my shirt. The second time around i knew i had to make it count because this man’s music along with the rest of the strange team has gotten me out of personal dismay on various occasions. When I walked up to Tech the first thing he said was “i like your shirt man” ‘cuz i was wearin the same jersey as him which i felt was kinda cool that he even said anything. After that i asked if he would sign 3 cd’s Anghellic my first taste of his music, Everready my all time personal favorite by him, and the gates mixed plate a cd that i greatly appreciate. Although within that time he’d been dealt a lot of controversy over him workin with lil’ wayne i decided i’d say something to him. I told him that even tho personally i didn’t really like wayne’s music, i wanted to hear tech do 300% tech. I told him that where i’m from people had called me dumb for listening to his stuff, and that they called his music trash, and that all i wanted was to be proud of being able to say i’ve been a tech fan since tech was still small. I said i wanted him to do him regardless and that he’ll always have me as a fan. He responded with a smile and said he would do just that, and being able to say that i made my favorite artist genuinely smile is something i hold dear to myself.”

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  • I am so jealous, would love to meet Tech N9ne

  • Same here. This dude was very lucky.

  • LiL A.J.

    Im with him on the wayne subject, i hope that he just takes OVER the song that they’re in together on Carter 4.

  • Vaughn

    Regardless of the outcome of Tech an Wayne, you know daymn well Tech will give it his all and produce something the world has been waiting for. Im glad this kid made his voice heard to Tech..
    Now i’m jus waitin t hear it, an fall in LOVE with it!!

  • that’s awesome! i was nervous also. Tech is such a sweetheart. He put his arms out and gave me a great big hug! I’ll remember it always!!!!!



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