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POLL: Who Do You Want To See Lynch Collab With?

Published: March 13, 2011 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

With a legendary career in hip hop, Brotha Lynch Hung has earned the respect of many greats MC’s. It’s this common respect that has allowed Lynch to collaborate with many incredible talents, including Snoop Dogg. Judging from all of the attention Lynch has recieved lately, his notoriety has not let up, and it could be the best possible time for him to seek out more collaborations. We would like to know who you would like to see Lynch collaborate with in the future.

Vote below for who you would like to see Lynch collaborate with.


  • Esham Or King Gordy

  • MaXXX

    Eminem. By far. But get Tech on it as well…..

  • AGREED, Esham and Gordy.

  • Godfatherlp


  • Godfatherlp

    lynch and em would make a crazy track together!

  • insane clown posse

  • Jcrook07


  • Ali_sadaqat

    a track with Prozak and Tech N9ne on it

  • Cory

    I voted for “Other” and put X-Raided. Its long overdue.

  • joe joe

    Lord Infamous

  • ‘Em and Hopsin!!

  • Roachclip4pp

    Four Pound Plant Nigga Come on Now Imma Come Jump In Front of ur car make you see us..feel me 716 488-0436

  • shaggy_da_tiger

    four pound plants

  • iamhiphop

    Hopsin and Necro!!!

  • Autumn

    i think lynch with eminem, esham or king gordy would be great, they would make something really great and crazy!

  • 2pfl

    hopsin and eminem, i know hopsin isnt that big yet, but they would make a sick track together.

  • Whiplash

    Lynch and The RZA would be pretty dope

  • sfunk

    r.a. rugged man

  • Mari

    Hopsin for sure.

  • Krayzie Bone or Hopsin I’d be happy =)

  • N2keep1

    x raided ,,,for shure long time overdue,,but eminem and lynch would definetely be so sic,,,and last but not least he shoud do a collab wit SIC 1 from seattle that boy is hot…

  • Jeff Nelson

    CES Cru! Check out the interview going up tonight on Tech’s blog where Godemis mentions Lynch being a dream collaboration. That certainly would be amazing: both MCs in CES Cru and Lynch have amazing flows and I think the combination of both would just elevate their game to an even higher level. Obviously check out “Livin’ Like I’m Dyin'” from Tech’s Bad Season mixtape if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • TmacYao79

    Prozak,Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch,Kutt Calhoun one track.

  • Critical718

    Hopsin,He young and humble,he will go as hard as Lynch will go on a track,Oh yeah,And Raw

  • Kenny

    yo necro for sure man he spits fire jus like brotha lynch

  • N2keep1

    lynch and crooked I would be sic 2 also ,,another collab that would be good is lynch,Mr.lucci and Mr.Pookie that would b off the chain or lynch and esham that would be devilish… but I still wanna see him with SIC 1

  • Kaufmanterry23


  • no name

    dmx the nigga that barks and lynch hung that nigga that grrrs


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