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Listen: Ces Cru Ft. Krizz Kaliko & Stevie Stone - 'Plenty'
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Tech N9ne Presents: ‘All 6′s And 7′s – The Tour’ – VIP Packages Now Available!

Published: March 29, 2011 in Strange Music by

As if the release of Tech N9ne’s album, All 6’s And 7’s, isn’t enough to have fans excited about summer, Strange Music proudly announces TECH N9NE PRESENTS: ALL 6’S AND 7’S – THE TOUR. This highly anticipated tour, Tech’s first since last year’s Independent Grind Tour, spans over 65 shows from coast-to-coast and is sure to be in a city near you.

TECH N9NE PRESENTS: ALL 6’S AND 7’S – THE TOUR features a veritable who’s who of independent Hip Hop. Stevie Stone will definitely make his presence felt as he performs tracks from his album, New Kid Comin’ with an energy and fervor that’s not to be missed. Mayday, out of Miami, is Hip Hop backed by an incredible live band – but they’re way more than just rap/rock. Well known for their video appearances with Lil Wayne and Cee-Lo, as well as their most recent release, Stuck On An Island, Mayday is sure to impress even the most seasoned Hip Hop fan.

Strange Music’s newest artist, Jay Rock, brings a decidedly West Coast attitude to the tour. Repping Watts proudly and performing tracks from his mixtapes, as well as his forthcoming Strange Music release, Follow Me Home, Jay Rock engages rap fans from start to finish.

Kutt Calhoun steps out on his own to show you what’s really Raw And Un-Kutt. He’s been touring with Tech N9ne for years and now brings his own commanding presence to the stage. With a flow that rings familiar – almost old-school at times – and dance moves that compliment his fluid, percussive rhyming, he’s an MC that’s not to be missed.

With an energy and presence that demand attention, Krizz Kaliko brings his brand of Shock Treatment to the tour. Having gained recognition throughout the industry for his musical innovations and diversity, Krizz performs a ultra-high energy set that definitely has the spotlight shining brightly on him. It’s easy to see why, after sharing the stage with Tech N9ne on numerous tours, Krizz is a force to be reckoned with on his own.

Big Scoob will be hitting the stage to perform tracks from his most recent release, Damn Fool, the long-awaited follow-up to Monsterifik. Proudly repping Kansas City, Big Scoob’s songs are hood anthems with a gritty honesty that’s undeniable.

The Kansas City King, Tech N9ne, is putting the finishing touches on his buzz-worthy album, All 6’s And 7’s – set to hit stores just days after TECH N9NE PRESENTS: ALL 6’S AND 7’S – THE TOUR kicks off. With an epic hometown show already scheduled and over 65 dates slated, this tour will definitely be the tour of the year. Performing his well known hits, as well as brand new material, Tech will hit the stage in full form – once again elevating the notion of a Hip Hop tour to a new plateau.

VIP packages for TECH N9NE PRESENTS: ALL 6’S AND 7’S – THE TOUR are available now by clicking here. These packages, valued at over $300, include your ticket to the show, incredible merchandise items and a 1 hour Meet And Greet with all of the artists on the tour. Don’t miss your chance to get the full 6’s And 7’s experience. Order your VIP package today and get set for a summer concert experience like no other.

  • Can’t wait to order and get mine!

  • zach

    cant wait till you come to cleveland ima be there n its gonna be my first tech concert n im doin it right VIP style

  • wheres lynch?

  • Skytzophrantic

    first off, im definitely buying this album, ill pre-order it if i can. tech, i want you to know that i love what youre doing and ill always buy your albums, i cant download your shit. i support my fucking artists. you got kids too man. my daughters name is rain which i found ironic after listening to the rain. to show my support my next tattoo is going to be a red n9ne on my ribs. Keep it real and keep on keepin on.

  • He’s going to be doing his own tour with his Madesicc artists. Check out this interview for more info: http://blog.therealbrothalynchhung.com/2011/03/brotha-lynch-hung-live-interview-with-sm-blogs/

  • Leah4Johnny

    ill be there wen you come to minnesota!!! VIP doin it up again:)

  • Kepprecht66

    Doing it up VIP style in Cleveland!!!!

  • TK

    This one sounds dope!
    Worth every penny!
    Keep It Strange!


  • Damn, no Portland shows? No love for us out here in Portlandia? lol

  • spaded858

    somebody get me one for my birthdayyy

  • J_Doug_MC91

    Sickness Baby ill Be in the shadows listening to the greatest rappers alive

  • TacMasteR

    tech. why do you hate northern Illinois? I mean, Pops is 8hrs away.

  • RoySease

    SIGN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TECH N9NE TAKE A YOUNGSTA UNDER YA WING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roy Sease
  • Angel_fairy_freak

    are they going to be coming babk to wichita ks at all?

  • vip bitches !!!!

  • Gut13

    Come to the east coast!

  • hobo joe

    yo how old u got to be to go to this shit i just started listen to tech and i wanna go i got the money but im 15 am i old enough

  • garrett

    now we gotta commute to eugene!

  • garrett

    now we gotta commute to eugene!

  • Jake

    come to australia already please.

  • Tyrellscott62

    hell yeah i cant wait to go man its going to be off the hook

  • LL.Juggalette

    UK UK UK UK 😉

  • Mrraoulduke420

    08-04-2011 Cinci…I’ll be there..probably get the VIP tickets too…my favorite rapper since The Worst/Anghellic days..bumped it in my headphones..then when I got my Ls…still bumpin it in my new big-boy whip…can’t say that about many artists

  • Buddy trujillo

    Oh he’ll ya back to slc again tech never disappoints I’ll be there for sure it’ll be my fifth tech concert yet 🙂

  • katie

    Where do i buy tickets!!!!!

  • Gstew47

    oh man i know lynch would b killer there 

  • Meeting this man could change my life. I dont want to know his real name by heart, I would call ‘im Tech.    Yes yes. I respect this man, and I hate that the world thinks he’s another black dude on a beat I hate that I hate it. Tech is the most legit rapper today moving. I know the other dudes got it good, they struggled no disrespect, no disrespect y’all. Tech N9ne has my heart and mind. I love this music. I cried when I heard “low” cause of what it means for him to make that song, what it means for him to be “popular” now. I hate that he is sad in his time of .. such .. typical greatness. I was with him, just like all his fans, before this new deal. I wanna meet Tech. I think he can change my life by giving me an hour in person, I think.. His voice has the power he says it does, and I am a motivated young man. Im white. Who cares. I wanna meet this inspirational dude. I have to sound like a wierdo…. to make my case. I just wanna say.. I sat with this guy, THIS guy.   you know what I mean, I hope. I wanna be there, rockin the show, and feelin my life. This dude speaks to me directly sometimes. the Song low made me cry, I felt it so close. I cried the second time. I showed my wife the song, and she said thats so sad, why do you love this music? I said.. You dont get it… I love this music to its core, to my core. Get at me on Facebook, check my background. I wanna be at that show, rockin out. 

  • respect B


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