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SM Live To Address Society’s Hypocrisy And The Celebrity Double-Standard

Published: March 24, 2011 in Strange Music by

Why is it that when Chris Brown–or any other celebrity–does something “crazy,” we feel that we’re in a position to judge? Who are we as a society to demonize others without looking in the mirror first? Why is it okay for a Juggalo to get criticized for being different? In this week’s episode of SM Live, Makzilla tackles the issue of moral hypocrisy, judgment, and the pedestal that we put celebrities on.

Have you ever been judged? What is your whole take on the Chris Brown situation? Is it ever okay to pass judgment on another human being? Why do we expect so much from celebrities as people when we only admire them for their talent?

  • Autumn Rimer

    it’s not about him as a celebrity. i don’t think he is setting a good example for your men. it’s not right to hit women and not right for women to hit men either. keep your hands to yourself and quit being idiots.

  • Skwagain

    People want to tell celebrities that they news to “be role models” because it creates a scapegoat for the rest of us. But becoming a celebrity does not change one’s moral fiber or beliefs. It is unrealistic to expect that. You used the example of Chris brown, and in my opinion he’s a great example. He’s publicly been outer as a domestic abuser, true or not, but it only made him more famous. If he weren’t famous, I’m sure he would probably have the same morals in regards to violence, he would just not be talked as much about.
    Celebrity does not mean immune to influence or confusion.

    Thanks, sherri

  • Celebrity or Not, if someone beats the shit out of a woman, he is a piece of shit. End of story, no fucking excuses. I’m tired of people saying “We weren’t there, we don’t know what happened” Ummmmm, yeah we do. The Police Report and those pictures tell us everything. Fuck that woman beating Piece of shit.

  • Brandon-shea

    he was probably trying to explain the things he felt and the way he thought and she just wasnt having it….
    Little hitler up in her mind like “think how i want you to or else”

    Im so ready to blow the lid off this fucking game.. im already the lord you cant change me.
    Smoke a bong and laugh at the black under their eyes


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