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Listen: Ces Cru Ft. Krizz Kaliko & Stevie Stone - 'Plenty'
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  • Kaos

    Tech Whats Up man Im The Dude From MN That Said Your Music Inspired Me You Tole Me “I Wont Let You Down” Keep Going Fam Love Your Music Every Thing Ya Do Is Straight FIRE and Im Hopin One Day Ima Be Able To Rap Wid You And Krizz and Kutt and Big Scoob Everyone I wanna Be were you at I need something to get me outta this hole and outta this town Im in everyone says ima die here I keep tellin them ima make it and once i do ima come back and show all you whats up idk just wanted to show some love KEEP IT UP cant wait for All 6’s and 7’s its gonna be sick

  • Anonymous

    I should focus on health a bit more, heh.

  • uralya

    Now a days your ina rage
    Cause it feels like you get caged
    and you clinch yo fists and bite your lip
    get red all in the face
    And feel like no ones cares
    cause they ain’t on the same page
    I’m tryin to get that major deal
    Cant support my fam with minimum wage
    so my only goal in life
    Is to go and find myself
    Witch is kinda hard to do
    When you dont have any help
    Because they treat you like book
    And put you back on the shelf-uralya


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