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Fans React To Tech N9ne And Travis Barker Collaboration [Social]

Published: March 22, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

With the release of Travis Barker’s solo album, Give The Drummer Some, Tech N9ne fans are buzzing over the hardcore anthem “Raw Shit”. The mosh worthy track pairs up Travis Barker with Tech N9ne and Bun B, over Barker’s own production. Fans are so impressed by the collaboration that they have taken to Twitter to praise the artists for their work.

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  • Anonymous

    A few of Travis’ drums could be replaced with beats and it would sound even better. But I can only agree, Raw Shit is a banger!

  • Tech obliterated that shit!

  • Shako

    Where are the comments saying your selling the fuck out?!!Get off the industries dick!!!

  • dwayum

    raw shit is off da hook aaaaahhhh

  • Jeff

    Haha Why would you hate a man for tryin to make money and music with people he want to? Selfish bastard XD

  • No shit! Was 2Pac a sell-out because he sold a shit ton of records?

  • Bought “Raw Shit” and “Don’t Fuck With Me” on iTunes!!

  • Shako

    hey faggot kid mabye you need to learn some shit about tech before you open your fucking mouth, he has always been about F.T.I mabye go listen to the song??Or Songs now hes all up on their dicks like lil faggot wayne stupid em. Next he will be doing a colab with Justin Bebler

  • I hope he does a collab with the re-animated corpse of Michael Jackson…THAT would be dope.

  • I hope he does do a collab with Justin Bieber…F.T.I. Part 3

    Seriously….some of these fans need to go back and actually understand what Tech meant by FTI. Not at all Fuck mainstream like some of you seem to think.

  • Dude you know Tech would elevate Bieber’s game to no other.


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