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Hopsin Confirms Tech N9ne Collaboration [Social]

Published: March 22, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Following a large online campaign from fans, and weeks of speculation, Hopsin has confirmed over Twitter that he is indeed working on a collaboration with Tech N9ne. The underground MC has been thrust into the spotlight as of late, and if this collaboration does end up on All 6s And 7s, it could be the biggest opportunity of his career.

What do you think about Hopsin and Tech N9ne working together? Leave your thoughts below!

  • about damn time.

  • Etownmn651

    i think this is fucking awsome!!!!!
    he deserves it

  • Rob81

    My thoughts exactly Pat.

  • Don’t think you guys (the fans!) had a HUGE part in this going down. Obviously Hopsin and Tech have always taken a liking to each other, but the response from Victor’s editorial a month back REALLY turned some heads and created some big momentum. http://blog.strangemusicinc.com/2011/02/picking-the-new-face-of-strange-music-editorial/

  • The fans and the response to that editorial indeed created a huge buzz. Goes to show that the fans do have a voice. Keep leaving us feedback and you never know what may happen!

  • panafjers

    Very good and i hope this will open a door for Hopsin because i think Hopsin has that rawness that Tech N9ne had in the early days had. You know, that pissed off vibe for not(or having a bad) record deal, the industry not wanting them because Tech with his hair and Hop with his eyes. So i think this is a very good opportunity for Hop and maybe a reminder for Tech from what he came, you know.

  • 3tch3r

    SICK SICK SICK!!!!! I’ve been waitin’ for this since they met back a few months ago!!!!! Funk Volume and Strange ALL DAY!@!!

  • SlickRickyBobby

    Not a big fan of hopsin but this will definitely be good for his career.

  • NOOOOOO!!! Im Thouroughly Disappointed With Tech’s Decision To Collab With Hopsin. I Dont Like Hopsin One Bit. His Style Is Pathetic. Brotha Lynch Should Eat His Ass Up. I Will Listen To The Track. But As Soon As I Decide I Cant Take Hopsin Gay Ass Anymore I Will Play My Other Strange Music Songs.

  • Chrisncool

    Can’t wait. Hopsin definitely deserves the shine he is getting. Both Hopsin & Tech N9ne deserve the best! They are both in my Top 5 of all time. Hands down. Congratulations. I would actually like to see an entire collaboration album of Tech N9ne & Hopsin lol or at least multiple collabs.

  • Anonymous

    I heard everyone’s excited about him. I haven’t heard of him yet but I’m gonna do some digging and I have no doubts this collabo will be banging!

  • Drkylelambert

    That will be fuckin awesome!!

  • Boe_zahorejko

    hopsin is sick i only been listening to him for a few months and tech for years of course tech has a way huge fan base compared to hop but its the same kinda fans die hard muthafuckaz this colabo is gonna be off the wall sickness!!!

  • i think it will be good for hopsin’s career. not so much for tech. im not happy tech’s workin with someone who has been on the disney channel multiple times.

  • Ayon Benrardo

    common when is there ganna be a Eminem collabo

  • Matt_the_man

    this is the song im looking forward to the most

  • Techn9cian4life

    Are you kidding? Obviously you don’t visit TRT9 Lol Tech even said himself, My fans are always mentioning Hopsin on my website so I had to check him out. We’ve been talking about Hopsin on TRT9 a lot longer than a month pal. More like over a year. Don’t be so ignorant next time you make a statement.

  • Anon

    Eminem charges $1 million per collab… if he were to drop out of the clouds maybe the collab would happen sooner… till then be happy for the cats that are coming up.

  • Colton563grundy

    I WANT TO HEAR IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ DEXTER CALVILLO- lol you should come a littler harder then that raggity Disney Channel comment lol..you must be one of HO-Vacks cheerleaders…Same Lame lines lol..So what if he was is my question-Are you completely unaware that ALOT of huge artists started out on that show and others like it?? LOL …It means the dude is versatile, creative, and obviously talented- and has been his whole life-Don’t hate on someone chasin their dreams…LOL HI HATER!!!!! Your Lookin Reallllllly Green right now dude- Its clear that you ain’t got nothin constructive to add to any discussion LOL …Comments like that reveal how shallow you are..you didn’t even have anything to say about his actual talent…Disney??? Really??? You=No Substance……Sad lol

  • http://blog.therealtechn9ne.com/2010/12/social/hopsin-meets-tech-n9ne-social/
    Yeah that was posted in like…December.

    Didn’t mean to imply that the editorial and the overwhelming response it generated was the singular reason that this went down, but it definitely didn’t hurt, and raised more than a few eyebrows around the office (Strange Music HQ).

  • RealTechn9cian

    FUCK MAN the guy gave the fans a shout out and you just HAVE to talk shit! FUCK YOU that dude probably works his fucking ass off and Tech’s just got so many fans that do nothing but talk shit and it’s just fucking bullshit!!!! He works for Strange so show him some fucking respect! If he’s good enough for Tech he’s good enough for me!

  • Wickedninjaijs

    He’s talked shit about the industry and now look at him I’m still with him but I want the old tech with happiness. The mainstream fucked him one time so why let them again. Fuck the mainsteam.

  • FUCK. YES. thats all im gonna say

  • hopsin deserves it

  • As one of the people who knows how hard we work for the fans, don’t think for a second we don’t know what’s going on with the artists and the websites. Everything you can relay on here as a response, the people behind the scenes already know. It’s their job, they do it well, and they do it for fans everywhere.

  • SiccDj

    Sick as shitt

  • Hopsin’s dope, glad to see two of my favorite rappers hookin’ up!

  • dexter calvillo

    Just my opinion, I said I wasn’t happy. You’re the one hating.

  • Kmass982

    I dont go to shows out of my town or state unless i know its gonna be worth it and have only been to one show outta my area that was Tech’s and my next 2 shows i am going to are HOPSIN’s Raw Tour in Nashville, TN on April 30th and the all 6’s and 7’s show in Louisville,KY ..

    Soooo hell yeah this colab is a Def Must 2 artist i think are worth seeing and would make a great show

  • Rocko

    Personally, I think hopsin bit his style from the old Eminem who used to roll with ICP… may I also state that I’m not digging the fact that Tech is collabbing with a dude who rips on other rappers in every song showing no respect for the game. Just a personal opinion I think its a great opportunity for hopsin but not for N9ne. Still Im a fan either way, but fuck funk volume that shit is lame.


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