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Tech N9ne Confirms Gathering Appearance [Social]

Published: March 29, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Giving back to the fans who have helped his career, Tech N9ne has always taken the time to party with the Juggalos. In recent years, Tech N9ne has become a staple at the annual Gathering Of The Juggalos festival. This year looks to be no different, as Tech confirmed over Twitter that he will be live at this year’s Gathering. The Gathering is always a wild and outrageous weekend, which makes it the perfect time to get a little strange.

Follow Tech N9ne on his official Twitter page.

What do you think about Tech N9ne performing at this year’s Gathering? Leave your thoughts below!

  • TK

    He always kills it!
    Keep It Strange!


  • So much for going Mainstream and forgetting his fans hahaha. Stupid bitches

  • At the GOTJ 2009, Tech was on tour during the Gathering. He flew out from his tour to do the Gathering, finished up, and drove 4 hours back to the airport to fly back out to his tour. At the conclusion of the set he spoke some of the truest words any artist has ever said on stage. His statements on stage that night were the most appreciative and direct and sincere gratitude to the Juggalos and Psychopathic Records any artist has ever spoken. He didn’t have to do that. Strange is a titan in the music business now, but during their rise, nobody showed as much love and spread the word more than Juggalos. Juggalos are an easy target – while Tech and Strange have now shattered the glass-ceiling which holds back the majority of crews from mainstream music media, the same outlets still shit on Juggalos for a cheap jab. Tech defends, relates, and makes it clear that regardless of the attention he has deservingly earned, he will always stay loyal to his supporters among the way, and that is just yet another reason Tech is the purest and rawest artist alive.

  • Waynepigott3

    fucking gay tech n9ne is way to tight for gay ass Icp and juggalos

  • Waynepigott3

    fucking gay tech n9ne is way to tight for gay ass Icp and juggalos

  • Waynepigott3

    fucking gay tech n9ne is way to tight for gay ass Icp and juggalos


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