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Tech N9ne Explains The Cover For ‘All 6′s And 7′s’ [Social]

Published: March 29, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

When the cover for All 6’s And 7’s was first revealed, it was received with mix reactions. Some fans even likened Tech N9ne’s image to that of a Mortal Kombat character. With so much debate over the cover, Tech N9ne decided to address the issue himself. Tech hit Twitter to speak with the fans directly, and defend his decision over the album artwork.Tech went on to explain that the cover was a symbol for his newfound health and his warrior-like mental state. If anything could show off Tech’s battle scars, it’s the cover for All 6’s And 7’s.

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What did you think of the cover to All 6’s And 7’s? Did Tech’s explanation change your mind? Leave your thoughts below! Make sure you tune-in tomorrow (3/30/11) at 11 AM CST for the SM Blogs interview with All 6’s and 7’s cover designer Frankie Oviedo! Call (347) 994-3066 with your questions ready!

Click here to pre-order All 6’s And 7’s.

  • not too dark i like the lighting just cant see well.

  • TK

    I thought the cover was great.
    But it’s more about the music then the artwork, so I hope and I know Tech will, bring the heat!
    Keep It Strange!


  • Tech coming out from the darkness, that’s how I see the cover, I love it! simple, yet beautiful! im following your ways tech, eating healthy, cut pop out of my diet, now comes the time where exercise comes into my life again, been slouching on it for a couple months. You keep my motivation running!

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t something I expected to be honest, but I think it’s great. It displays confidence, the darkness is still present though. I think it’s very fitting for what everyone’s expecting from the album, looking at the features and all. I’m looking forward to some dope solo tracks, or tracks ‘simply’ featuring Kali and Kutt maybe. Thanks to Tech for explaining the design!

    A lot of fans, thanks to twitter etc., are very, very quick to judge nowadays.. They don’t take the time to look at things like cover designs for a minute. I’m not saying you have to fucking like everything, hell no, but you can’t hate on everything from the first second on either.


    I love it.Real as usual.I dont understand who could have a problem with it.No matter what he chose a few people would bitch but if your bitching about the album art and its about the music your missing the point.Its about expansion and spreading the strange movement and i think this cover represents that perfectly.Keep it pushin!

  • Ajdhsfa

    i think its raw as hell


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