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Tech Visits His Mother In The Hospital [Social]

Published: March 28, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Amidst a day high on good feelings, Tech shared a bit of unfortunate news over Twitter. His mother, who has been battling health problems for many years, was once again fighting off sickness. Turning to his fans, Tech tweeted how he was feeling at the moment. Tech’s emotions over his mother’s health have been front and center in his music for years, including on K.O.D.’s opener, “Show Me A God”. Strong as always, Tech continues to stick by his mother’s side in order to help her through her struggles. Tech again shows that he finds his comfort with the fans.

Our prayers go out to Tech and his family. Leave your support in the comments for Tech N9ne and his mother during this troubling time.

  • Stay strong brotha. my thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  • You and yours will be in my prayers.

  • Mag6902002

    my thoughts and prayers and with you and your family , much love

  • Anonymous

    Your strength is your mother’s strength, Tech. Stay strong you two.

  • kmk091290

    I wish your mom all the luck and hope she gets better very soon

  • Charlie_beezie

    Be Strong Tech And I Wish Your Mother A Speedy Recovery Hope She’s Ok I Send My Prayers Out To Your Mom Man.

  • Michaelperryii

    my prayers go to her n the rest of ur family were riding with ya tech

  • PeepingTomETTE2

    I bless your family at this trying time, and ” the true white lighters”, not gray or dark entities are the ones he (tries) the hardest…through them we learn, because they are not of this world.

  • Zachvanprice

    Many prayers to your mom tech hope she gets well

  • Chickin

    we always got ya in Montana bro.

  • Urbankorruption

    Stay strong Tech. I know itz rough, all us fanz are here 4 you tho. My prayerz go out 2 you & your family

  • Goodgirl71

    Feel The Love. Now Your mum is free from suffer and pain. What a good feeling to know her back in Gods Garden. Be blessed Tech.she made it.

  • Xruifox90

    Tech you will get through this. Bless your mom and you man, stay strong. Keep on keepin on brotha.

  • Stay strong Tech.. Bless your mom on creating such a wonderful, caring man Tech.. My family is praying for your mom and your family through these trying times..

  • Matt Molnar

    much love Tech, prayers are with you and family

  • strangeplaya

    god bless tech stay strong after every dark night there’s bright day

  • Mastagoalie31

    Tech, no one deserves to loose their mom and I will pray see makes it though this and for many more years to ocme. Keep ya head up homie!

  • Rogea86

    Your Mother is in all of our prayers and we hope that she can pull through with flying colors and kick her illness in the ass.
    Much love to you my (S)trange brotha:)

  • Twiztidfatkid_17

    Stay up Fam. I know what its like to have a parent in the hosptle and they cant talk to you because of their illness, it brings a tear to my eye knowing what your going through im there with you my brother ass well as the other FANS. all are prayers go to you and your fam. Fuck the devil he controls nothing but the weak.

  • TK

    Prayers out to him, Strange Music, and especially his mother!
    Keep It Strange!


  • Dusty Baker

    Stay Strong Brother. It’s a terrible thing to deal with, damn death! You can only do so much, so fight the good fight and just be there when you can. Just know, in the end, you were raised and grew to be amazing and unique person with the help of your mother. PEACE, RESPECT & MUCH LOVE… DUSTY B…. http://WWW.REVERBNATION.COM/HIGHDEFXPERIENCE


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