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Fans: Are You Ready To Take The Pledge?

Published: March 30, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

I’m going to have our pledge and we’re going to put the pledge on them. If they want to be a part of us, they gotta know the pledge. When I say “one, two, three spit it” they’re supposed to be able to say it to me. – Tech N9ne

Fans, are you ready to take The Pledge of a Techn9cian? Starting this week, we will be helping fans take the pledge EVERY THURSDAY at 3PM CST. After you recite the pledge with Tech N9ne, you will be a part of a family that stands for love, truth, justice, unity, and the fight against evil. As the attention on Tech N9ne grows and grows, it’s important for him to know who his Techn9cians are:

I had to make a pledge for the existing fans, the core fans, to say “Okay, this is what we’re going to have, and when the newbies come in we’re going to teach them.” We’re going to spread and keep spreading. So I had to make us real clique-y real quick before it gets out of hand because it’s about to get out of hand.

To take The Pledge, simply call (347) 994-3066 on Thursday 3PM CST and be ready! Read “The Pledge of a Techn9cian” below:

Together we are a powerful force,
As one mind, body and soul.
Let no evil enter nor attempt
To reduce us because of the beliefs we hold.
And with this love combined with our strength,
We ward off pain and stress.
Technician I am wholeheartedly in life and in death!


  • Ryan Vrbeta

    Took the pledge an hour ago! :) STRANGE ALL DAY ALL NIGHT BABY.

  • Mark Gibson

    I dont care what other people say about you Tech, To me, your one of the greatest rappers alive and to ever place amazing music in my earbuds. I’ll take this pledge, just to show the dedication i have to Strange Music and Tech. I’ll take the pledge, to show i am a fan. -Black Acid Tripp-

  • CKscribbles

    i dont give a fuck about all these queers saying your a cult follower and shit.
    if it is a cult, im in!!
    all hail techn9ne!!

  • Dan Deadbody Man

    thats some cult shit lol

  • Taurean Wooley

    b.o.b took the pledge, egypt took the pledge,  a whole slew of people continue to take the pledge.  Battle beyond your history to find a greater future of excitement and … dare i say it, change.  Love the lust for life.  Making the music that soothes the bruised soul/ego  keeps the youth wanting more.  I stayed outside, looking in at SD, particularly to give thanks to your skills on and off the stage.  Mad props.  Like minds are connected … even if we have different avenues to work with.

  • Chase Rigdon

    Tech imma say it you are the man everything you do is magic your music is to good for the industry punks your music saved my life keep on keepin on for the TECHNICIAN FAMILY!!!!  

  • Bdizzy 1988

    TECH 9 is champ take tha pledge to ward of stress and evil it tha time to stand up and show tha world what a group of outcast stoners musik lovers blacks whites asians jews mexicans can do as a people when we come together to fight evil an tha evil forces that wanna enter into yor soul an control you, Tech is simply tha one with tha balls and his word he dont brake em for nobody call the number an let tech reward you!! 6s an 7s really scare you huh.,. HE he he heeee!! Ima have to rember tha fuckin words

  • Bdizzy 3

    you doubt him like a bitch you shall see what is your fate silly motha fucka.,. you aint a tech fan you gotta take tha fuckin pledge bitches are you stupid people trust him an follow him do not let your mynd become weak, He has a plan an to let it happen you gotta take tha pledge.,. I love musik an tech an jesus but jesus aint got shit to do wit his musik,. an he will take your brain an mold it tha right way if your a newbie.

  • Bdizzy 3

    Tech is your god you aint know it yet?><.

  • Bdizzy 1988

    Together we are a powerful force,As one mind, body and soul.Let no evil enter nor attemptTo reduce us because of the beliefs we hold.And with this love c0mbined with our strength,We ward off pain and stress.Technician I am wholeheartedly in life and in death!   BRADLEY MARTIN WOODEL~ Good enough right tech???

  • Bdizzy 1988

    Together we are a powerful force,As one mind, body and soul.Let no evil enter nor attemptTo reduce us because of the beliefs we hold.And with this love c0mbined with our strength,We ward off pain and stress.Technician I am wholeheartedly in life and in death!   BRADLEY MARTIN WOODEL~ Good enough right tech???

  • Yello’ B. Browne

    Hey Bryan….why You being The devil’s Advocate? Most of us have common sense dawg. But i’ll tell You This, If Tech says To Put a Foot inside Your azz, guess who’s Gonna Do it? Get off My Homies website with Your Adverse comments….Your Killin my buzz…Did You take the Pledge? If not, Cool Your jets Dawgy.

  • Yello’ B. Browne

    I”m a so called “nigga” so your comment was booty. You aint the spokesperson for all Black people…and if you were, you been proved wrong. People like you be irritating me when I play GTA IV…i bee getting into it, role playin’ and such…But when people I be playing against be getting mad cuz I be shooting everybody dead in their eyeball, you wanna kick a “nigga”…Get the Hell outta here with that Farrakhan Crap! This AINT The NATION OF ISLAM “nigga”….You either a fan or you a CORE fan Which is FAMILY! Tech Is A LEADER in this world and the center of his circle which I’m a part of…And PROUD to be dawgy…Now…WHAT?

  • Yello’ B.Browne

    Util you study Hebrew and find out what the maening of the word ‘SERPENT’ really means, get outta Here with That Psuedo religious crap! Satan means opposer and it is a nuetral word, not set to any one faction, division or order…Which means if  are HERE and YOU are against this movement, You are the only devil I see…Go back to school or read some GOOD books before you start preaching your Anti-Gospel..ya Devil…And I sure aint worshipping you…buh-Bye….

  • Yello’ B. Browne – The420show

    You may love Tech’s Music…good…You BETTER! But you don’t love Tech and that’s apparent….ole scary azz…smh

  • Yello” B. Browne

    If this is a cult, then the cub scouts, the boy scouts, the girlscouts and your local school football team is too… doin’ too much fool..

  • Yello’ B.Browne

    nikka, if i ever see you with a signature on STRANGE, I’m gonna go to TECH, Respectfully and tell him there has been a breach and infiltration of sukkaz….if he tells me at that time to zip my lip…ima zip it…if he says yeah you right as I show him this booty-ass-comment you left, and instructs me to put a foot dead up in your azz, ima have to do it…Just shut up and keep buying the records ya  buzzkilla.

  • Yello’ B. Browne

    I’m Sorry but Your “Gay” Chris.

  • King Pac-Man

    Homie whoever the fuck is hatin on my dude tech then your a fuckin idiot because he has the knowledge just like i do of  how the world really is havent you been listening?you simple minded people need to study get your knowledge so your mind is truelly illuminated then come correct if not then dont come at all……but eye see you tech keep doin wat your doin bro n dont let nobody knock the hustle

  • StrangeVenom

    The Pledge means everything. Only the true Techn9cians would even take the time to memorize it. It doesn’t matter how long anybody’s been down wit Tech. We’re a Strange family, and should welcome the new-comers.

  • Alfred Candelaria

    you are down as fuck i love all your music

  • Andyhinojos

    Tech makes beautiful music… Shit u people will never hear in ur lifetime…. People will mever know what real music is till i throw a tech n9ne cd on and any cd cuz they all bad as fuk… I honestly dont know anybody in the game as hard a tech and work as hard as tech… So before anyone hates they better chekk demselves bfore dey wreck demselves… Haha yadddddImean pppprrrraaaaatttt!!!!!

  • Darkbutterfly

    Do you have any idea about who Jim Jones and David Karesh were????  For real, I will pledge to a world full of amazement, and FUCK the people who have turned it into shit.  They are the people who fuck with your mind and ruin it for you.  I would suggest you take a LONG and HARD look at what things really are, because if you dont at least believe in what we built this country on (hello, the constitution was HONEST and not incrimination to ANYONE!!!), then you need to educate yourself about it.  I dont pledge to all the evil and bullshit that goes on each day, the dishonesty and raping of the common man by the government, but you bet your sweet ass I will pledge to what we ORIGINALLY were and to what I believe!!!!

  • Darkbutterfly

    Dude, I get it.  You pledge to God and Jesus Christ, but what they stood for and what they preached were the same thing tech is sayin.  Remember, Satan was a falan angel, and all tech is sayin in his plege is NOT to let evil enter, which is preached in the bible, karan, whatever your worship is, and not to have anyone judge you for what you believe.  Which is why I aint dissin you on what you said, because I will not judge you for what you believe in, but remember not to look down upon the smaller people…….

  • Amber

    Dude, your a fucking retard if you think this is gay. Tech is just keeping it real, fag.


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