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Top 3 ‘Caribou Lou’ Fan Videos Of The Week [POLL]

Published: March 16, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Half a jug of 151, one cup of Malibu rum, and pineapple juice: who would’ve thought such a simple concoction would spark so much craze across the nation? Tech N9ne, that’s who! To celebrate the Caribou Lou Gold Contest, in which ten lucky purchasers of the track will win their free, RIAA-certified Gold Singles plaque autographed by Tech N9ne, we have picked various videos on YouTube that pay their respect to the anthem. Last week we polled you on what video out of the following you liked the most: a) a soft and gentle acoustic version of “Caribou Lou”, b) a weird, random, and bizarre video of two teenaged girls dancing to “Caribou Lou” and c) a drummer adding his own percussive flair to “Caribou Lou”. The winner? C! Be sure to purchase “Caribou Lou” today and send your receipt to goldcontest@strangemusicinc.com for your chance to win!

Here’s the list of this week’s videos, vote for your favorite below:

Is this kid old enough to be listening to the song, much less know what it’s about?

Emo and sarcasm abound in this acoustic cover of “Caribou Lou”

Two college smart-asses make their own batch in a dorm room.


  • none of them are any good really. the kid hardly knows the words. the acoustic is just wrong, although they at least knew the words. and the college smart asses didn’t even use half a bottle of 151 <- fail.

  • Cperk1023

    these cats are weak. i kno what the song says but fuck the bullshit n pour the whole bottle of 151 or at least pour half u goofy ass kids

  • LOL tell them what you really think!

  • Personally, I thought the acoustic cover NAILED that Jack Johnson bullshit. If you go to the YouTube video it says something like “dedicated to hipsters across the world” lol.


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