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‘I’m Not Perfect’ [Song]

Published: April 15, 2011 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

Drawing from classical influences, the production heard on “I’m Not Perfect” can be soothing and foreboding all at the same time. The delicate piano that plays throughout is hardened with some dramatic and eloquent strings that are paired with gun shots flying in the background like a warzone. Lynch didn’t come alone for this one, as he brings along COS, G-Macc, and Crookwood for the lyrical bludgeoning. Lynch declares over the hook:

I’m not perfect, but I know
analyze the lyrics, he so cold
you know I had to gat ya
nigga, we atcha

Lynch manages to step away from his Coathanga Strangla alter ego, and deliver one of the best posse cuts he has ever been a part of. Click here to purchase Coathanga Strangla on iTunes.


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