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The Rock Praises ¡MAYDAY!, Tech N9ne, & Strange Music ahead of WWE 2K18 Release

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  • Fucking lol’d. I’m Mannibalector on tumblr, and that picture was from a song by someone else. I love how you didn’t even look at my blog, cause I’ve got a ton of Lynch’s shit on there like Suicidio Morte (Gas Station tape). Goin through a weird time in my life right now, but I’m bumpin that Lynch shit all day! Anything from Season to Dinner & A Movie.

  • Yeah Tech hada tweet w/ a link to a woman’s song, and said that (it contained that quote) song says what his ex girlfriends might dedicate to him…in so many words. hang in there manny!

  • Thanks, Strange Music is keepin my head up! Shit from Tech, Kali, Kutt, and Lynch is definitely helping out.. haha.

  • Stefan Pyles

    wasn’t hatin’, bro
    i’m a pretentious asshole
    as you can tell, strange music supports people with mental disabilities (ME!) by allowing me to blog for them
    it’s an outreach thing
    i wouldn’t call what i’m going through weird, i’d call it horrible, wretched, stupid, eerie shit
    so i know how you feel
    i actually used that quote in conversation with my sister today
    fuckin’ easter, bro
    stay up, manny, don’t let the world crash you, or some nobody blogger from nowhere
    hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things
    that and god love are all we got in this delapidated world
    stole the hope quote too, shawshank redemption
    here’s another quote from lester bangs, aka philip seymour hoffman, from almost famous
    the only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone when you’re uncool
    i’ve made being uncool an art form and a science


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