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Krizz Addresses Contributions To ‘All 6’s And 7’s’ [Social]

Published: April 3, 2011 in Krizz Kaliko by

With all of the recent hype over All 6’s And 7’s and its huge collaborations, fans may have been left wondering what Krizz Kaliko’s role would be on the album. Krizz addressed this over Twitter, as he assured fans that he helped write plenty of the material and did in fact contribute to the album. The always powerful combo of Tech and Kaliko will no doubt shine through on All 6’s And 7’s.

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  • Chrisncool

    What does he mean he “wrote” songs on All 6s And 7s??? He’s Tech’s ghostwriter or something??? WTF IS GOING ON!!!??

  • beez

    Krizz co-writes with tech and probably has a lot of additional vocals, choruses, and maybe a couple of verses too

  • Makzilla helps write too, especially the skits. If you ever look at the CD insert/pamphlet that comes with the albums you’ll see who writes what, who sings what, who additional vocals are (even if not listed as “featuring” so-and-so on the track listing on the back of the case). You’ll also see that Tech N9ne helps write some of Krizz’s songs, even if Tech isn’t singing on the track.

    This isn’t something new…they all help each other make awesome music…it’s probably a big reason for the Collabos albums because they all work so well together (in addition to wanting to feature other artists besides those signed to Strange)…but it especially has to be a big reason behind the eventual 816 Boyz album(s).

    Tech not being the only writer on his songs shouldn’t freak you out or anything. I could see if it was a bunch of nameless faces out of LA record exec offices, but Strange Music is different. Just check out the CD inserts and you might just find you like more than just Tech N9ne or Krizz Kaliko.

  • it’s clear that Kaliko has written choruses for Tech in the past and that Tech has written some with Kaliko in mind to sing/spit it.

  • Chrisncool

    Look, I always knew Krizz helped Tech write a bunch of choruses, even if he wasn’t on it. But I never knew he wrote verses and shit for him. Never expected that… I’m a rapper and I NEVER let ANYBODY write for me. Once a friend of mine thought of a raw ass metaphor and gave it to me (since he’s not a rapper, he won’t use it anyway), and it was just real hard for me to keep it because it’s hard for me to not write EVERYTHING myself. I write for other people, but nobody writes for me. Well, once a producer of mine helped me with a chorus, but we haven’t even used that anyway.

  • this is awesome to hear. not that i was super worried, but its good to know Kali’s gonna be goin just as hard as always on the upcming album, cuz ive grown to like em just as much as tech for different reasons. KALI BABY!


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