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Strange Music Artists Share Their Thoughts On Easter

Published: April 24, 2011 in Big Scoob, Stevie Stone, Strange Music, Tech N9ne by

Happy Easter from Strange Music! In spirit of the holiday we asked the Strange Music artists you know and love what they thought of the holiday that celebrates Jesus’ rising from the dead (along with bunnies, baskets, and candy). Here’s what they had to say…

How did you celebrate Easter growing up?

Tech N9ne

“Well before my mom married a Muslim, I was going to church every Easter Sunday, you know what I’m sizzlin’? We would go get suits and shit from Harold Pener’s and Florsheim’s and go to church man–have Easter egg hunts and shit. I did the regular thing that a Christian would do.”

Big Scoob

“We didn’t celebrate Easter man. Every now and then–I can remember a couple years that they made me dress up and go to church on Easter. My Grandma and my Auntie’s are real religious but for real in my immediate house my mom, we wasn’t really religious like that for real. We believed in God but we weren’t devout followers. Maybe two or three years out of my life growing up they made me buy a suit and dress up and go but once I started finding out about a rabbit with eggs, I wasn’t really with it.”

Kutt Calhoun

“We did the traditional thing. We went to church on Sunday. Church, went out and ate or whatever. We was little so when I was younger we had the whole Easter Day holiday over at the house or at a relative’s house. There was food and beverages over there and we had the games: egg hunting and all that stuff, Easter baskets and all that shit for all of the kids, the traditional way of celebrating. I guess that’s a traditional way.”

Stevie Stone

“Church definitely. You know all the families get together for a big breakfast and big dinner. It was a time for fellowship and all the families getting together.”

What does Easter mean to you?

Tech N9ne

“Not much (laughs). Not much, it’s for my kids, you know what I’m sizzlin’? They do Easter egg hunts. My biggest day is Halloween and then Christmas. The kids get Easter baskets if they want them. My kids are old now, 16, 16, 12. It don’t mean much to me right now. Aint that the day that Jesus rose from the dead? Yeah. So if that story is true then it’s a big day!”

Big Scoob

“Uhh…this might sound fucked up but really not much! It means a fairy tale is being celebrated! I mean, like I told you man: a Easter Bunny and uh–a bunch of bullshit man! It’s just another way to create a dollar. It’s like Valentine’s Day, it’s just to create a holiday to create a dollar. I know the meaning behind it, I know what it’s supposed to represent, but that’s not what it is, you dig what I’m saying? If it was truly that maybe I could get behind it aint but it’s just another way to create a dollar.”

Krizz Kaliko

“I really believe that it’s the time that Jesus died and came back as they say. It has a couple of meanings. I have a little kid now, so he’s going to celebrate it for Easter egg hunts and the Easter Bunny and things that it’s kind of turned into. Rather than being a celebration for Jesus it’s actually turned into a holiday for eggs and candy and things like that but I think it can easily be both.”

Kutt Calhoun

“Man…Easter…it just meant…a day that we celebrate a bunny and eggs! It doesn’t mean nothing to me! When I was little it didn’t mean too much of nothing man but another day to eat some candy and dye some eggs if need be but other than that…not much!”

Stevie Stone

“I don’t know if you knew but my father was a preacher. I was brought up and taught since I was young that it was the day that Christ rose. This year I’m going to actually be on the highway during Easter but I’ll be able to get with my family that night.”

No matter if it’s the celebration of Christ’s rebirth or simply a good reason to paint eggs and eat candy, Strange Music wishes you a Happy Easter!

Who’s take on Easter do you identify with the most? How do you celebrate Easter?


    ahahhahahahah! STRAAAAAAAANGE!!!

  • Tech’s take. Cause I got smaller sisters that celebrate it too, and we ain’t even Christian, we’re muslim, but it’s a part of the new culture I guess.
    But like Tech, Halloween is my biggest holiday!

  • reggie

    actually easter is another thing the christians stole like they did with christmas which is a pagen holiday.there is no god i just wish people would open their eyes and just have fun with life and not worry about that shit


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