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Top 3 ‘Caribou Lou’ Fan Videos Of The Week [POLL]

Published: April 24, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

In honor of the Caribou Lou Gold Contest – in which ten lucky fans will receive their very own RIAA-certified Caribou Lou gold plaque, autographed by Tech N9ne himself when “Caribou Lou” reaches gold status – we pick three videos on YouTube each week that pay respect to the party track.

Last week we asked you which fan “Caribou Lou” video out of the following you liked the most: a) Bartender flairing to Tech N9ne during Bar Olympics competition b) “Good Times” with “Caribou Lou”, and c) How-to make Caribou Lou. Which video won? A, the bartender flairing to Tech N9ne.

Don’t forget to purchase “Caribou Lou” online and send your receipt to goldcontest@strangemusicinc.com for your chance to win!

Here are the videos for this week. Vote for your favorite “Caribou Lou” video our poll below!

a) “Caribou Lou” home music video

b) Tech N9ne at the DMV

c) Glow poi practice


  • azett

    Haha pause b. at 2:13.

  • Cassidy Lucko

    horrible lol

  • Cassidy_2_dope

    white ppl love tecca ninna lmao

  • PoiSpinner

    Imma have to redo my video ¬.¬ That way back when i was just beginning to get some skills spinning… Pretty damn cool tho to get featured on Teh’s blog tho!


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