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Wish Big Scoob A Happy Birthday!

Published: May 9, 2011 in Big Scoob by

Today marks the birthday of that Damn Fool that we all know and love, Big Scoob! Let’s all come together and show the big fella our appreciation by wishing him a Happy Birthday. In the comments section below, give Scoob your birthday wishes and also tell him about what his music means to you, a time that you remember meeting him, or anything else that you think that will make him feel special on his birthday! Here’s to you Big Scoob!

  • Max leighton

    Happy muthafucking birthday scoob. You better get real fucked up tonight. “birthday aint the same without booze”-tech n9ne, happy birthday. i first heard you on two peice from MLK. and you fucking shook my shit up. your the shit man. have a great B-day.

  • norway

    congratulations scoob! Hope you had a nice year


    hey scoob, hope you have a great birthday and lots of happiness and good times. there is a lot of crappy music out there, but you and the rest of strange always put out good stuff. thanks for that. have a great one!

  • Happy Birthday Scoob. Your music is amazing man. SALUE!!!

  • Thebear

    Happy b-day big scoob stay up playa


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