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Lynch Is Game, Are You? [Social]

Published: May 3, 2011 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

Lynch fans may not realize, but the Coathanga Strangla is an avid gamer. His game of choice? The SOCOM series for Playstation. Lynch gets his kill on this third person shooter, especially online. Lynch can often be found on Twitter boasting about his SOCOM skills and challenging fans to take him on. The question is, are you sick enough to hang with Lynch’s game?

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  • K1LL4-2-0

    iv played. socom, socom2, socom3, socom combined assault, socom confrontation. and socom 4, beaten them all. check the stats for PS3 k1LL4-2-0 i challange lynch to a one on one when PSN is back up and running…… keep on hustlin always stay grindin nigga


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