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Analyzing ‘S.I.C.’ [Album Review]

Published: May 24, 2011 in Krizz Kaliko by

Seven months after releasing his noteworthy third studio album Shock Treatment, Krizz Kaliko returns to deliver his first EP, S.I.C. (Samuel’s Identity Crisis). S.I.C. starts out with a skit that sets the tone for the concept of the EP and leads the listener into “Immortal”. Backed by a mild high hat and a smooth bass line over a chilling instrumental, Krizz raps about wanting to live forever through his music, and questions his fans if they would tell the legend of Krizz Kaliko as displayed in the opening words of the song.

“If I pulled my heart out, would you leave it on the floor? Or would you pick it up and place it in your chest for me?”

S.I.C. does however lighten up with more jovial tracks like “Rain Dance”, where Krizz shares his love for the gentlemen’s club and what it takes for him to make it rain, and on “Down” featuring long time collaborator Tech N9ne, which they both speak about the joys of partying hard but not wanting to over do it. Kali gives his testimony to his aggressive nature and keeps the theme of S.I.C. going on the high powered and intimidating “Animal”, where he sounds off with a flow that compliments the beat well and a hook where he’s showing his identity crisis:

“I am just an animal; I am not a human being. I am not an animal; I am just a human being.”

Rounding out the story behind S.I.C. would be “Medicine”. This track finds Krizz and Tech reflecting on the different medications and substances that it takes for them to maintain their lives but Kali makes no apologies about his condition as he says,“My mental state is hanging in the balance, I’m crazy that’s the reason I got talent”. Overall S.I.C. is as complete as an EP can get and Krizz Kaliko just further more proved that he is a musical genius.

Anthony Barker Jr., Strange Music Blogs Contributor

S.I.C. features production from Seven, Soleternity, and YoungFyre.

  • Orange

    not hatin’ on krizz, but a Strange Music employee is probably not the best choice for an unbiased review…. this is horribly biased. i like the EP though. it’s not as amazing as this review says, because it has some low points (the annoying hook of Animal).

  • Heinrich Godinbond

    With all dued respects orange man, these works was completed by a blog contributor. Meanings that they contributes to blogs but wont work at strange. Maybe can’t read then

  • Even though the writer is a Strange Music employee, I do not think the article is biased.  In my opinion, Anthony Barker is truly analyzing the concept of Krizz’s EP and how each track ties into the concept.  While giving props to Krizz on dropping his first EP,  Barker gives sufficient and concise detail to their readers.  Overall, it is a well written article that encourages Krizz’s fans, old & new, to listen to his EP.


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