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Fan Looks Forward To ‘All 6′s And 7′s’ And Tokes [Video]

Published: May 16, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Juggalos Online Entertainment recently made a video anticipating the tracklisting and collaborations on All 6’s and 7’s. “I’m gonna take a puff with you guys right now, because I’m just so excited for this album,” the fan says before lighting up. He gives a shout out to Tech N9ne and Strange Music. Click on the following links to listen to several of the All 6’s and 7’s tracks that have been released: “Worldwide Choppers,” “I Love Music,” “Mama Nem,” and “He’s A Mental Giant.”

Watch Juggalos Online Entertainment talk about All 6’s and 7’s below:

Click here to pre-order Tech N9ne’s All 6’s and 7’s.


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