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DMX Seeks New Label And Fans Point To Strange Music

Published: June 20, 2011 in Strange Music by

Speaking to from prison, DMX recently revealed in an interview that Rick Ross and his Maybach Music Group reached out to him for a deal once he has served his sentence. The New York MC plans on releasing music upon his release on July 1, and while he is still weighing out his label options, a couple of fans on Twitter called for him to consider Strange Music. As Strange Music continues to expand, more and more mainstream artists have looked to the independent label for opportunities to step away from major labels. In the past, Tech N9ne had made mention of possibly signing artists like Nas and Mystikal. The thought of heavy hitters like DMX on Strange Music is enough to spark excitement from the fans, and with Strange Music now leading the industry in independent dollars, DMX may want to think twice about looking elsewhere for label support.

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Twitter reaction:

What do you think about DMX signing to Strange Music? Would it be a good choice? Leave your thoughts below!

  • If he can keep out of trouble then yes.  If not, then Strange wouldn’t be able to make any $ with him in jail & it would serve no purpose. 

  • Rebeccakeeling09

    I use to like his music…but WHY do we want a crackhead with SM? And YES he is a crackhead!

  • it would be sick if dmx signed wit strange but has not had fire for a while but i love his shit

  • If DMX go in Strange Music it will be awesome  

  • DMX should fit perfectly on G-Unit, Shady, Aftermath or Strange.

    DMX on mmg would break my heart….

  • Domenick Nati

    DMX to focus on family and career after prison release.PHOENIX, AZ – On July 13, 2011 Earl Simmons, better known as DMX, will
    be released from Arizona State Prison as a free man. X is serving the
    remainder of a six month prison sentence for a parole violation.

    It’s been four years since DMX has released an album but he plans to
    release his ninth and newest album this summer. “Things will be
    different this time.” says the 40 year old rapper. The main difference
    will be his focus. Along with music, DMX will also be directing his
    attention on his “domestic dreams”, like uniting his 10 children and
    creating a relationship with his mother.

    Another new twist is his interest in his own reality TV show with
    fiance, Yadira Borrego. The working title of the show is “X-tended
    Family”. The show is only conceptual thus far, but it promises to show a
    side to DMX that the world has never seen… the softer side. “He is an
    amazing father and man”, says Borrego, “the media has ever shown who he
    really is.” The couple has two children together and have plans to get
    married in the near future.

    About Yadira Borrego
    Yadira Borrego was born in La Habana, Cuba in May of 1985. By the
    age of seventeen she had landed jobs in magazines, music videos and
    fashion. She is the former Ms. Florida 2003 and Ms. Miami 2010. She has
    participated in over one hundred fashion shows and is currently the
    co-owner of her own modeling agency; Sinsational Attractions, LLC.

    For media inquires contact DMX’s manager, Domenick Nati at

  • Jake7240

    plies, all imma say

  • Twiztid_42069

    Rick Ross is a correctional officer, using a drug dealers name as his rap name. It’d be queer to have a ruff ryder in that label.

  • Bigruskin69

    yo rapping is my dream i wish strange music could check me out

  • Bigruskin69

    i rap all the time im 18 and my dream is to get signed and rap

  • war22

    that would be fuckin awsome

  • war22

    that would be fuckin awsome


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