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We’re Not In Kansas City Anymore… [Editorial]

Published: June 21, 2011 in Strange Music by

Tech N9ne’s increasing buzz and notoriety seeping into the veins of new fans all over is certainly not a shock to OG Technicians. Just like it was yesterday, I recall the day I became joyfully addicted after watching the video for “Slacker”.

The simplicity of the imagery associated with a homemade mic “pop” screen constructed of nylon pantyhose and a metal coat hanger illustrates a vivid metaphor, no less. For merely to take the aforementioned throwback Absolute Power era video and place it alongside one of Tech’s more recent displays of videographic genius for a track entitled “He’s a Mental Giant”, is like an indefinite unveiling of a long-coming yellow brick road towards destination: PINNACLE.

This comparison identifies a yardstick of how raw roots of a passion rooted in even more raw talent, skill and ambition have the ability to evolve into a substance acquainted with the bar of “success” measure. Yet the beauty of Tech N9ne’s way of doing this is his way is not the way that Mr. Record Label Industry Exec dishes it out. For Tech N9ne has never been, nor will ever be, a box item on a shelf of a watered- down music market known as “the mainstream”.

When you begin making music as an expression of your love for music, this seems like a no-brainer. Yet time and time again, and in an increasing fashion, the tragedy of some of the most exceptional talents “selling out” is becoming a fierce epidemic in a challenged-economy struggling to uphold the highest of “BLING” standards. And as this whole masquerade carries on in the background, Tech N9ne and Strange Music continue pouring blood, sweat, heart and tears into the music that has slowly knitted its way into our own personal growth in resistance of an often vile world. Not in a gimicky display, but rather by investing a solid appreciation for depth beyond the surface value luster of life and holding true to the nostalgia of humble beginnings. There is one thing I feel certain of though…I don’t think we’re in Kansas City anymore.

Miss Complex, Strange Music Blogs Contributor

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