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JACKPOT: Fan Finds And Buys Early Copy Of ‘All 6′s And 7′s’ [Fan Feature]

Published: June 1, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

What started as a random stop at CD Warehouse turned into a pot of gold for one lucky Ohio fan. David Terrell now finds himself as one of the few in the world to possess a hard copy of Tech N9ne’s upcoming album All 6’s and 7’s.

Ironically enough, David visited the CD store to get a new copy of Tech N9ne’s last album K.O.D. Being a Technician with a VIP Package for All 6’s and 7’s – The Tour’s stop in Cleveland, Ohio, he wanted to make sure that he had a copy of his (formerly) favorite Tech N9ne album for the King of Darkness to sign. The previous case had suffered water damage. Upon finding the CD at the rack something else caught his eye: none other than All 6’s and 7’s. Without thinking twice or asking if it was supposed to be on sale yet, David made his move towards the register with the new album in hand: “I don’t know if was an accident–I didn’t even ask! I just took it!”

Instead of spilling the album on the internet and despite pressure from forum users on therealtechn9ne.com to do so, David is keeping the album in the CD deck, which isn’t to say that he hasn’t been playing it for everyone he knows: “I’ve been listening to it nonstop since noon. Even my neighbors that don’t like rap or Tech N9ne love it!” Further displaying his dedication to Tech, David intends to buy the album at Best Buy on 6/7 (which will include three bonus tracks and a limited edition pendant): “I kind of felt bad not getting it on 6/7 since it’s All 6’s and 7’s and it comes out on 6/7…but I had to grab it” On not leaking the album, David says:

“They’re mad because I won’t leak it–I won’t leak Tech’s shit, that’s not right! His shit doesn’t need to be leaked–he worked hard, it’s supposed to come out on 6/7!”

As for the album itself, David describes it as the best that Tech has ever done: “It’s his testament. I’m a big fan of K.O.D., but I think this tops it. That was my favorite until I heard this.” Even the negatively-anticipated track “Fuck Food” with Lil Wayne passed the test. “Wayne’s not my favorite but he was good.” “Delusional” remains David’s favorite song from All 6’s and 7’s, despite the entire album completely blowing away his expectations:

“It’s the best I’ve ever heard, I’ve never heard anything better…ever.”

While David has a new soundtrack to his life, the rest of the world eagerly awaits…

Is this fellow Technician lucky or what?! What do you think about his decision to keep the album from leaking on the internet? Will you be getting your copy at the stores or did you pre-order?

  • he did leak it..we all have it nows use google

  • he did leak it..we all have it nows use google

  • There is no proof that this individual was the one to leak it, is there?

  • There is no proof that this individual was the one to leak it, is there?

  • mmm jealousy just kicked in.lucky sob

  • mmm jealousy just kicked in.lucky sob

  • He is definitely lucky. I think he made the right decision NOT leaking it on the internet. I’m not gonna lie, I used to just think Tech was coo, and I would get his singles. But 3 years ago after I saw him perform at the 103 jamz concert, I was hooked. When he puts on a show, he PUTS ON A SHOW!! Non-Stop energy, great music, he makes the women go crazy, he dances all across the stage…It’s a great time. I haven’t missed one of his shows since then, and have bought every cd on launch day since then. If you respect Tech and what he does, then you wouldn’t leak his stuff. Period. I pre-ordered like months ago. Can’t wait.

  • Robbywyatt1020

    it’s already on youtube man . big dis appointment

  • A Matrious

    If They Tracked The IP Address They Would Know

  •  If this store sold copies, I’m guessing other stores did as well. The leak on the internet isn’t from this guy.

  • Littlewho6

    Preordered the cd the day it was available and buying the delux copy from bestbuy on the 7th and already bought the singles and video on itunes for this album. Keep doing it big like always tech. Strange for life

  • Dharmaofdope

    Tech N9ne is revolutionizing the mainstream and they don’t even know it yet *cosmic chuckle* 

  • big with

    went into target and did the same thing. Asked if they had tech n9ne in the back and the guy checked and was like ya it’s 6’s and 7’s? i walked out of there thinking HELL YES. hit up a homie and he did the same thing after he got off work

  • you bastards i gotta wait for my pre order to get here. it has leaked onto the net tho so at least i can listen to it

  • David Terrell

    yeah well im the individual and i told everyone i didnt leak it. I gave strange my full name and my phone numbers. i spoke to Jeff for the blog interview he knows im not leaking Techs shit but we know some other cocksuckers have started already.
    I will talk to Tech July 17th before the show. these other fucks who stole and leaked it are just punks.

  • David Terrell

    Tech And Kali. I love you homies. your shit is real and there is none better. I know its leaking now because punk bitchs. But it doesnt matter this cd will be #1. I didnt leak it and i wont. Tech never stop doing what you do i cant live without your talent. Kali Do it Like You Do it. I got my S.I.C  days late so i think i deserve ALL 6’s and 7’s early. TECH9ician 4 LIFE

  • David Terrell

    11 days late

  • Brent

     Most of them have the same intention you had when you bought the CD at the store. I, for one, just nabbed the leak so I can listen to it before it drops on 6/7, but you can bet your ass I’m buying it at Best Buy as soon as I wake up that day. Tech’s fanbase is incredibly resilient against piracy because most of us are fanatical enough to grab anything that leaks as well as pay for it when it comes out. Remember that leaks are driven by demand, and you didn’t exactly resist the temptation to get a sneak preview yourself.

  • Chrisncool

    If this David kid isn’t the one who leaked it then IDK who did, but someone did. it’s on the internet already. It leaked last night. Rap Radar already posted Fuck Food on there…

  • You david you porbly the luckiest guy on earth right now, keep the album in your cd deck dont spoil it jus cuz some people cant wait lol im goin down to my local music store see if i can find it hahahahahaha 

  • Guest

    i have it hahaha its dope

  • Cody Hildebrand

    I’m guessing he blew the guy at CD warehouse for the CD..

  • David Terrell

    Yeah i bought it i dont think one Tech9ician would have not gotten it. But im not the cause of the leak and im not the only one who got a copy from the same store. And im sure many other have found ways to get the disc.

  • David Terrell

    Im guessing your a faggot bitch. So go suck it easy hoe.

  • David Terrell

    Yea very disappointing. But i didnt leak it but you cant stop anyone from leaking anything. I think strange should Get these assholes for copyright infringement

  • poopiefacemcgee

    LOLOLOLOL He leaked it hahahahahhahahhahahaha

  • David Terrell

    I didnt leak shit. But i would surely leak on your face. I said im not the only person who has a copy of that shit!

  • jaketheshape

    damn it leaked all over now. who ever did it thanks. I cant wait.   http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6441679/Tech_N9ne_-_All_6_s_and_7_s_%5B2011%5D_%5BRetail%5D_320kbps 

  • Mekks

    Album already leaked

  • lol

    Wow.. Talking about a promotional gimmick from Strange Music.

  • Juggaloryanj

    why would u go n ask then tell ppl they will give out the album but i bet my record den had it out today or will have it out 4 sale tomorrow cuz i got rebirth from lil wayne the day b 4 it came out from there  local cd warehouses or record  stores that r local that buy cds not one that u have to trade into or w /e  will sell cds b 4 they r suppose 2 ive only herd worldwide choppers  fuck food mama nem and hes a mental giant  i wont listen to anything else i want the album to be fresh wehn i have it bumpin in my system  🙂 im gettin the best buy version ill be the first to buy it at my best buy too cuz imma wake up early  as in ill b there when the open sign pops on  then imma go to f y e and get me  that version for the dvd

  • Everytime I’d get a Tech CD early… they would kill my posts talking about it. WTF.

    BTW, I shop the same store YOU do. 😉

  • not necessarily… small mom&pop shops AND big chains get CD’s usually around the THURSDAY BEFORE the release date. Smaller shops just put them out… chains have to “follow the rules”


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