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Flipped ME off?

Published: June 18, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

So I’m on stage at the house of blues in Vegas and a very beautiful chick got her titties out way before AREOLA like early in the show like MIDWEST CHOPPERS. So when I saw she had wonderful ones, I said to her on the Mic, “Imma pull u up here on the tittie song”. So she had her dude, black dude mid 30s helping her show me titties by lifting her swim top from the back so I’m thinkin, “aw he’s a G. So when the tittie song came on I pulled her up and everybody cheered. So I zone out as I always do when I’m performing and continue to rap to the crowd and forget that she’s behind me. So I guess she went back stage for a bit while I’m still rapping my shit to AREOLA when she runs back out on stage topless attempting to dance on me with her ass touching my mid section. I quickly shake her to the right in the attempt to do the move I do when we have to do MAKZILLAS part of the song when he’s not present. So I guess my security sent her back to the crowd cause during I’M A PLAYA, she was back down with her dude but crying and he was super upset throwing folk and crip signs at me while I’m trying to concentrate. So I say to him no disrespect dog that’s your wife I understand. This nigga shakes his head at ME & flips me off and walks his crying beauty out of my show slowly thru the sold out crowd. So I need to know where I did something wrong when HE helped push her up & as I never left the stage & none of my homies fucked backstage according to me inquiring about it after the show cause homie was set trippin with me on tupaks birthday in Vegas so you know I was on edge! What did she say to you bro? Cause u had eyes on me the whole hr.35! So u know I ain’t touch her and the homies said she was back there saying she’s a porn star all topless and shit but still they say nobody penetrated so why you flip ME off nigga? I saw both of you at my meet n greet so that let’s me know these were real fans & I have to address it when there is negativity in STRANGELAND & this could bubble into something detrimental if not resolved here in STRANGELAND so GET AT ME! Cause I need an understanding.

  • Scoogny

    I hate when people trip out on you and your like WTF did I do? lol 2Whoops Tech N9ne! hope you figure out Wtf just happened lol

  • Sounds like Tech did nothing wrong.  From what Tech’s saying, she sound scandalous.  She was showing her tits to other guys with her husband their?  Mistake one.  Crying because Tech didn’t give her the attention she wanted.  Mistake two.  Causing drama at a Tech N9ne show.  Mistake three.  Three strikes & throw that bitch in the trunk.

  • dr. greenthumb

    shes probably one of those bitches that cry rape if she dont get what she wants from a dude probably trying to set tech up n if her husband was a real muthafucka he wouldnt have just started stacking like that shit dont make u hard n on that note if u a crip why u out supportin a blood bitch made niggas these days

  • Skysaldivar

    Yeah they weren’t up front the whole show. She came barreling through the crowd titties already hanging out before u came on. Then dude she was with offered to smoke a blunt with a few people & almost threw down with someone who said they were alergic to weed. Anyways he said she was just some pussy & was only mad when she finally came back down from the stage. She can’t be too pissed anyways she was offering to have a fill as well as wanting me to go visit her at Deja Vu where she worked. She was probably upset at herself for showing hundreds of people her tits when she could’ve showed a few people at work & made some money. Don’t trip off sanky bitches who can’t take care of themselves

  • Dudes just upset because he knows that she most def would let you all HIT his girl and he’s but hurt. You did nothing wrong, He ok’d what happened, which wasn’t such a big deal. That’s like telling a homie “Yea you can sleep wit my girl” and then getting pissed at the homie afterwards. ITS DUMB. You cool Tech.

  • This is why I don’t take bianc’s to Concerts. 




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