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SM Live: Is It Ever Justified To Chop Off A Man’s Penis?

Published: July 15, 2011 in Strange Music by
Catherine Becker

"Psycho Bitch"

This week in SM Live we have to tackle one of the most shocking news stories of the year: the woman who chopped off her husband’s penis and threw it in the garbage disposal. Is this ever justified? Why do so many people assume that it was the husband that was cheating (he wasn’t)? How come a woman is always viewed as the retaliatory victim in these circumstances? Makzilla hits the airwaves LIVE FROM CHICAGO to tackle these questions and many more!

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  • this bitch deserves to put through a metal rod and slow roasted like a pig on open fire

  • Blastbackmusic

    Day Day that crazy bitch cuttin off dickz again lol…but I dont think that shit is justifiable at all then she went off and devil meated his piece in the disposal.But HOW THE FUCK do you let a bitch cut off ya piece?Tha boy got 1 hell of a personal problem.HAHAHAH!          And I’m all for punching punk ass parents and bad ass kidz in the throat Ima send my girl and her kidz to yo restaraunt Mak when you open that shit.


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