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Tech N9ne Speaks On Minneapolis, Epic Events Center

Published: July 10, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Just like any big Tech N9ne town, there are always a few elements that go into making Tech N9ne shows a little more special than anywhere else. Leading into his return to The Epic Events Center on July 10, 2011, Tech N9ne shared his thoughts on Minneapolis, and why exactly he loves it so much.

What do you think of The Epic Events Center?

It used to be called The Quest, and before that it used to be called Prince’s Glam Slam. I’ve been to all of them, but when they remodeled it and turned it into The Epic, it’s ten times more beautiful. It’s always been a nice venue, like when it was The Epic, and it was super nice when…it was like right next to Prince’s Glam Slam and the place right next to it was called Erotic City if I’m not mistaken. They had beds in there that you could lay down in and drink, it was so weird. It was right there man, you could probably quote me on that because I remember. So it went from Prince’s Glam Slam and Erotic City to The Quest to The Epic. The Quest used to be a big, big club. We had perform there early at like five o’clock and hurry up and get out of there. Once we came back it was all types of people man, I’m talking it was a mixed crowd, black folks, white folks, Japanese folks, it was everything. It used to be a big ass club we used to have to perform early. Now, they remodeled it. Last time I was there it was so beautiful. Everything was remodeled, even the upstairs and everything.

XXL is coming by. What are they going to do? Did you choose this venue for them to come or did they choose it?

I had no idea they were coming. I just know that Travis O’Guin is coming up, so when he comes up, something big is about to happen. I have no idea, I’m blind on this tour. I’m just going from day to day. I only know that we are going to be there Sunday because of Travis telling me that he’s going to see me Sunday in Minnesota. I’m like , ‘Uh oh’, might be something big happening. If he tells XXL to come out there, he knows the energy is insane. He knows. Travis knows, he used to be up there with us. He knows the energy is insane. I would say, and this is big, but I would say from the shows we’ve done in Maplewood at The Myth, to the shows that we’ve done at The Quest and now at The Epic, I would say, I’mma go out and say, Minnesota is like a smaller Denver when it comes to energy. That’s why I think Travis has XXL coming out there because he knows the energy is insane.

Anything you want to say to the fans in Minneapolis?

To the fans, this is the craziest line up that we’ve had. I think it’s the best line up of songs, so that means it’s going to be riot maker energy from beginning to end. That’s what I love on this tour. It’s high energy all the way through, even when I’m sitting down doing “Red Nose”. It’s high energy all the way through, it’s my best line up ever, I think.

Be sure to get your tickets and VIP Passes to what is sure to be one of the hottest shows of the summer!

  • Melina6286

    Epic might be a nice lookin place but apparently they dont have their shit together. I was charged twice for 2 tickets i bought online & the day of the show after i stood in line for 2 hours Epic couldnt find my tickets or any record of them charging me twice the night before when i bought tickets online. they told me i would have to wait in the ticket line buy tickets then get back in the line i waited 2 hours in. i i would have done that i would have missed most of the show. so last night i didnt even get to see Tech N9ne even though Epic charged me twice for 2 tickets. Now im out $120….thanks alot Epic for robbing me of my money & a tech N9ne concert which i havent missed one in the last 5 years……thanks a fucking lot!!!


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