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SM Live: Why Do We Treat Animals Better Than Humans?

Published: August 19, 2011 in Strange Music by

Pets will get the most loving, caring, patient side of us. Despite peeing on the floor, jumping on the keyboard, and barking at nothing in particular…we love them anyways. Meanwhile your boyfriend receives an earful for leaving the milk out. Or maybe you’re treating your girlfriend like shit who’s done nothing but love and support you. What the hell is going on here?

Michael Vick goes to prison for his involvement in dogfighting but Casey Anthony goes free?

Do we spend too much of our love on animals while we neglect the very people that need it the most? Why do we coddle our pets so much?

Join Makzilla and the SM Live crew as they attempt to get to the bottom of this furry debacle!


  • VancityKid

    i was at a bus stop standing next to a women and i asked her ”can i smell yo pussy????” and she said no, then i said it must be the dog in your purse. 

  • Andrew Blades

    This is an unusual topic for you guys to delve into. People treat animals so good because people are so bad, not to mention that as the generations continue the shittiness of people does also. Animals aren’t influenced by the shitty character traits taught by the media as kids are. Parents these days don’t know how to raise kids so they let the media do it and that’s what causes each generation to become worse. Animals don’t have the capability to be as horrible as people are.


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