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When Worlds Collide: 5 Artists We Want To See On An EP With Tech N9ne

Published: August 28, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9neA recent editorial on HipHopDX.com explored the history and resurgence of collaborative releases in hip hop. Eminem and Royce Da 5’9 reunited on Bad Meets Evil while Kanye West and Jay-Z shocked the world with Watch The Throne. While the art of a joint release is not competely lost, it certainly has become a rare thing, but now thanks to projects like Bad Meets Evil and Watch The Throne, MCs may look to challenge each other with more collaborative efforts. Always looking to push himself, Tech N9ne is not unfamilar with collaborations. His Collabos series has pitted him against some of the best MCs in the game. While fans always look forward to hearing the best collaborations on these albums, the recent spark in full collaborative releases inspired us to take a look at five MCs we would like to see on an EP with Tech N9ne. From the independent scene to the mainstream, these MCs have proven they can hang with Kansas City King.

Brotha Lynch HungBrotha Lynch Hung

The Sacramento MC has shared the spotlight with Tech N9ne more than once, and managed to click with him each and every time.

With his ever changing flow and love for twisted lyricism, Lynch continues to push the boundaries of what he calls “rip-gut” rap. Over the years Lynch and Tech have collaborated enough times to fill an EP, but fans still look forward to the day the two Strange Music MCs release a joint project. Working like a new vision of Bad Meets Evil, it’s hard to deny the chemistry between the two rap veterans.

Busta RhymesBusta Rhymes

Whether it’s his animated personality or whirlwind rhymes, Busta Rhymes commands an audience like no other.

Thanks to an energetic stage show and precisely executed rapid flow, Busta Rhymes has long drawn comparisons to Tech N9ne. With a penchant for vocal domination, Busta’s voice is usually hard to mistake for anyone else. For years, fans looked forward to the day the two would collaborate, and when “Worldwide Choppers” dropped, there was no denying the intensity behind both MCs. Full of chopper speed and out of this world charisma, a joint effort would be an all too perfect match.


As one of the members of the supergroup Slaughterhouse, Crooked-I has built a reputation for his intricately written multisyllabic rhymes.

Giving West Coast lyricism a makeover, Crooked -I injected his flows with intelligent thought and a vocabulary large enough to challenge Webster’s. His witty delivery is hard to match, and thanks to a collaboration on “Sickology 101”, fans were able to see how Crooked-I and Tech N9ne worked together. Admittedly, this pick came from HipHopDX, but it’s hard to argue. With a yet to be released second collaboration, fans everywhere are anticipating the day these two come together for something bigger.


The one and only Bay Area Ambassador has carved his own path on the independent scene since the early 90’s. With a loaded arsenal of slang and one of the single most unique flows in hip hop, Forty Water has maintained a steady following on the West Coast.

Due to his long history with Tech N9ne and Strange Music, an EP release with Tech is not completely far-fetched. With numerous collaborations already in the bag, fans can only hope that one day the two hustlers of rap come together for hyphy fueled project.

Andre 3000Andre 3000

To say that Andre 3000 is unique or different is quite an understatement. One half of Grammy winning Outkast, the MC has risen to be one of the most respected artists in hip hop.

With a suave delivery and an ability to twist words to his liking, Andre 3000 has become a master of the art of the remix. Recently partnered with Tech N9ne on “Interlude” from Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV, listeners caught just a glimpse of what the two elite MCs could pull off.

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

Follow Victor on Twitter: @VicMSandoval

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Who would you like to see Tech N9ne release an EP with? Let us know in the comments below!

  • If I were to see a collaboration EP between Tech and one of these artists, my number one pick would go to Lynch, number two would be Busta Rhymes, and number three would be Andre 3000.

  • Neokain_2040

    tech and busta would be the most insane EP ever. period. ill say it again…. EVER.
    a true choppers EP


  • tech and eminem hands down needs to happen and soon. two of the absolute best MCs out there need to get together and now.


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