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SM Live: Is Honesty The Best Policy? With Special Guest Twisted Insane

Published: September 16, 2011 in Strange Music by

Is honesty always the best policy? Is it ever okay to lie? If so, when?


  • Lying to prevent further argument: “I’m fine” upon the question “What’s wrong?” could stop a bigger problem from happening, a full-blown argument over something very little that could pass with a little space and time.
  • Lying to calm someone that is frantic: “You’re going to be okay” to a wounded soldier on the battlefield…the sense of calm this instills could actually save the person’s life, or at the very least, let them die in good spirits.
  • Lying to protect a child’s imagination or innocence: Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, how babies are born, etc.
  • Pleasantries: “Oh it’s no problem at all” when in fact, it IS a problem to take so and so to the airport, cover their shift, loan them five dollars, etc.–but why make them feel bad if you’ve already granted them a favor?

Makzilla and special guest Twisted Insane (the last feature on Tech N9ne’s fast-spitting anthem “Worldwide Choppers”) will address this and more on another relevant and entertaining episode of SM Live!

Show starts at 4PM CST!

Call 347-994-3066!


  • sircuddy

    a mac ask tech how do it feel to have all this love now that hes on his way to the top of the world

  • Janelle

    damn this is pissing me off its not ok to lie! but it is always ok to leave out bits of information that may get ya in trouble or hurt somebody you need to know who all is on a must know level and then ya got people that arent on a must know basis so dont tell them shit

  • Guts-N-Nuts

    do u have to pay to call?

  • Thetaomaster

    it is bad idea to always tell the truth

  • Ervin Diserly

    i laugh my ass of..when Twisted Insane said “fuck you to the girl who said I looked like Ice T” dat shit was crazie as hell


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