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Tech N9ne Inspires Movement In Four-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy [Fan Feature]

Published: September 8, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Fan Zane In Intensive CareIt’s no secret that Tech N9ne’s music resonates through lives all over the world. For some it’s the hard-hitting beats. For others it’s the intellectually gritty, in-your-face lyrics. It might be his unrelenting drive to push the boundaries. Whatever the reason, most fans can agree that Tech’s music reaches them on some sort of personal level. Such is the case for four-year-old Zane and his grandmother Christina from Florence, Kentucky. At six weeks of age, Zane was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (a form of paralysis believed to be caused by a prenatal brain defect or by brain injury during birth, most marked in certain motor areas and characterized by difficulty in control of the voluntary muscles), and his prognosis was considerably grim. Swelling in his brain had caused extensive pressure and bleeding, inducing irreversible damage. Doctors believed that Zane would not survive, and if he did, he would be completely unaware of his surroundings and require constant medical attention for the rest of his life. But Christina, who currently cares for him all while battling and surviving stage IV breast cancer, refused to accept defeat:

“No. You don’t know my family. We are beasts. We do not roll over and die.”

Doctors reluctantly kept him on life support, but they weren’t hopeful.

It was only a matter of weeks later, along with plenty of intensive care, that the baby who was given a death sentence had proved everybody wrong and was on his way home. However, the first few months of Zane’s return weren’t easy: he was unable to extend his arms or legs, unable to sit or walk, and was often unresponsive. Christina began to wonder if the doctors were right–that he would remain unaware of his surroundings and never be able to communicate. It wasn’t until a drive to a routine doctors visit, and a song titled “Einstein” from Tech’s 2001 release Anghellic, that the doctor’s predictions and Christina’s worst nightmare crumbled away. Zane began banging on his car seat, kicking his feet and shaking his head to the rhythm, nearly causing Christina to crash. It was the first time he had really responded to anything and the first time Christina realized that there was hope for Zane, and that he could be reached.

Since that fateful day almost four years ago, Zane responds to just about anything Tech N9ne. His favorites being “Like Yeah”, “I Am Everything”, and “Worldwide Choppers”. He is also able to clap to the music, which is no small feat for someone whose part of the brain that connects the left and right side of the body is damaged. Christina had long been a Tech N9ne fan before Zane arrived, but his ability to create a method of communication between her and her grandson is something she’ll never forget.

“[Zane] may never be ‘normal,’ may never walk unassisted. He may never be able to achieve an academic education, but my li’l man is learning. And Tech gave me my first clue as how to do it. For that, even though I already loved his music, Tech will forever be in my heart.”

So, what’s in store for Zane? No one is completely certain. Due to the Cerebral Palsy, he is still unable to eat or sit unassisted, can only say a few words, and has very limited mobility. Regardless, with the help of Tech N9ne and the love of his grandmother, he’s come further than anyone predicted. He will probably always need some level of assistance, and still may never speak consistently, but it’s clear that he’s not a lost cause. He’s learning, he’s happy, and no doubt he’s inherited some kick-ass taste in music.

– Written By Callie Brown

Tech N9ne Fan Zane

  • GonzalezDollaz

    Wow, almost had to wipe a tear reading this! Stay strong Einstein Zane! Ya I can connect with”Einstein” that’s some hard-hitting, adrenaline pumpin ish right there. Easily and arguably the best song he’s made!!!

  • GonzalezDollaz

    Wow, almost had to wipe a tear reading this! Stay strong Einstein Zane! Ya I can connect with”Einstein” that’s some hard-hitting, adrenaline pumpin ish right there. Easily and arguably the best song he’s made!!!

  • my lil man <3.  thanks tech n callie for the write up!

  • No, thank YOU! You and Zane are the reason I had a shot at this. <3 you both!

  • Dethteller

     Music is the greatest medium ever created and never ceases to amaze me. Stay strong little man and keep on jammin. I think this proves that just when you think all is lost something amazing can and will happen. TECH N9NE!!!!!!!!!

  • I have a 4yr. old w/ Autism…its all consuming, but I love my son as much 2day as I ever have…so Love to grandma and family for sticking in there…and love for Zane, because spiritually a child w/ special needs is a more evolved soul than most can imagine…and they are put here 2 teach and us to learn from in however short or long-lived is life…I needed this 2day…THANK YOU!

  • Johnathan Edgar

    WOWW, this is truely amazing. Music is a powerful thing..

  • Ta7192

    this is fuckin beautiful

  • Jarett Yuknalis

    that is truely amazing and an inspirational story! music is truely a powerful thing

  • Dot_lette

    Awww thats my family WHO TECHN9NE!!!! Whoop whoop! Prayers be with u and yours <3much wicked clown love! Dot!

  • BallsBiggerThanPlanets

    hopefully not to turn it off  lmao just playin

  • zane’s older 5 yr old brother is really upset.  he said “i want to be on tech n9ne’s site too! i can even sing tech n9ne and zane can’t!! it’s not fair”.  

    so………here you go BRYSON. you are now on tech’s site.  love you most, love you much, love you more, peace deuces….grandma.

  • This is truly amazing. The power of Tech…

  • He is truly blessed. THE POWER OF MUSIC IS GREAT!!!! Keep him smiling an the music going. Way to go lil man. icp has a great song for him “Miracles” he is truly one. 

  • Mrjollygreen1

    that is the craziest thing ever good tastes zane !  TECH N9NE!!!!

  • Darnell

    Techh should be crowened the King of Music =’)

  • damn mister yates keep it up dude wont be long and you will have elderly wite people up jumpin around

  • he already do. i’m old n white.  lol

  • Justin R

    when i clicked on the link i had to instantly look away, seeing that little boy with all those tubes and wires made me cry outta no where…we love u tech n9ne and love that u can inspire people young and old that recognize true poetic talent

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate the post exists like this. I work with residents whom all have cerebral palsy, and I adore them with every ounce of my soul. They are so strong, and pure. I know things are tough, but. . . stay strong, this condition is something that makes you very unique as everyone in the world is!  thanx! @NADIA

  • Kasey

    Great job, Callie.


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