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POLL: Which Tech Verse Is Better, ‘Unfair’ or BET Cypher? [Video]

Published: October 14, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne - "Unfair" and BET CypherThis week, Technicians got a double-dose of brand new Tech N9ne bars with his preview of “Unfair” from Welcome To Strangeland and his verse on The Cypher which was aired during the 2011 BET Music Awards. Both of the lyrical offerings generated a great amount of positive reaction from fans. Now it’s time to pit them head-to-head.

Tech’s Preview Of “Unfair” from Welcome To Strangeland.

“The Cypher.” Tech N9ne has the second verse.

Which verse was the dopest?



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  • Darnell

    They both so fuckn awesome!! xD

  • Thekoe56

    dumb fucking comment! the cypher iz a complete work while unfair iz a random snippit so izn’t even worth mentioning. plebz!!!!

  • Redwood 7

    the cypher was way better!

  • Darnell

    Look at machine gun Kelly smile through Techs spit, even the way he moves his head lol xD

  • Darnell

    What kind of Technician are you T__T

  • Anonymous

    Unfair might be just be a preview but the amount of work that went into it shouldn’t be any different from what went into writing the BET cypher. The amount of work does NOT differ.

    Since the length does differ, I’ll have to go with the cypher. I’m so looking forward to hearing Unfair though.

  • Terminator_5r

    Machine Gun Kelly is cold as hell…


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