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‘Who Would Love To See A DMX And Tech N9ne Song?’ [Social]

Published: December 29, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

DMX And Tech N9ne Collaboration?

With 2012 shaping up to be a huge year for Tech N9ne, fans everywhere are hoping to hear even more collaborations from the King Of Darkness. A recent tweet from producer Cavie furthered speculation that fans may finally hear a long awaited collaboration between Tech N9ne and hip hop veteran DMX.

Known for his work with names like Macy Gray, Timbaland, and T.I., Cavie has previously collaborated with DMX on Aaliyah’s 2000 hit, “Come Back In One Piece”. Looking to once again link up with DMX, Cavie recently hit Twitter to express his desire to finally get Tech N9ne and DMX together on a track. Readers may recall how DMX’s search for a label this past summer prompted fans to call for DMX on Strange Music. With DMX looking to finally jump back into music for good, could listeners be closer than ever to getting the dream collaboration? Stay tuned for more!

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What do you think about Tech N9ne and DMX working together? Leave your thoughts below!

  • Mech 44

    Hell yeah! Thats my niggaz right there, thats what needs to happen!
    Where my dogs at!

  • Treezy

    i like this cause dmx and tech are around the same age unlike other callaborations like with wiz and snoop, when snoop is basically old enough to be wiz’s father. also, dmx would be great for strange music i think he would fit in with the crew

  • smoke-loco

     yeeeeeeeaaah Yes I Want

  • Ashleygriffith06

    Tech too dark and on a completely different level than all of these mainstream fuckers my option tech need ti stay strange and dark that’s me I love tech but he falling apart from what he was a dark one if a kind

  • Technician419

    That would be bad ass! I’ve been waiting for DMX to get back on the music scene. He should sigh with STRAAAANGE!!

  • Technician419

    That would be bad ass! I’ve been waiting for DMX to get back on the music scene. He should sigh with STRAAAANGE!!

  • Rapstrefa z tą kurwą!

    Ja Ja

  • Rapstrefa z tą kurwą!

    Ja Ja

  • Anonymous

    Would be hella dope. Dark Man X.

  • Tharmon25

    Hell yea! DMX needs to sign to Strange. WHOOP WHOOP!

  • Breezy Bivins

    Hell yaaaa!!!! 2 of my favorite artists ever workin together!?!?!?!? This is about to be the hardest song ever…

  • Peperpodposse

    Man I love Strange Fo tha fact they bring dope artists bakk to murder shit on a label that kare!! Strange wit D M X

  • Anonymous

    Two words…FUCK YEAH!!!

  • stanilasc88

    Men are u serious DMX got a label plus his tha Greatest ever in my top 4 list’ so if DMX is gonna sign to strange that means tech and x are gonna be both boss no one iller

  • Show_event

    would love to see a collab from this two monster’ DMX Tha greatest ever his got a label already. called Bloodline Records

  • Nthomas66

    Signing DMX to the label, would be A very HUGE step for the label..I would deft. pursue it, esp. if he’s looking for a label..Cavie is the fucking man for bringing this light.

  • jayellz

    two of my favorite emcees, fuck yeah!
    make it happen tech!

  • MidWestMenace

    Thatd be tight. I think tech and ludacris need to get together. Wanted to see that for years.

  • SexyGai

    Would love to see this.  Also would love to see him do something with Outkast too.

  • Anonymous

    TECH N9NE and DMX, That would be PRICELESS… They would be UNTOUCHABLE and UNSTOPPABLE. NOBODY could TOUCH THEM. BUT HEY THEY CAN’T TOUCH THEM NOW….TECH N9NE and DMX “LET’S DO THIS…..YEA BABY…………….. ESTELLA***********************************************************************************


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